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Amazon Chime 4.19 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the March 5th, 2019 Amazon Chime release

Amazon Chime version 4.19 for Windows, macOS, iOS, and on the web is now available for all users.

3/12/19 Update: Amazon Chime released a new Office 365 add-in that supports Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, and Outlook Web App (see announcement below).

3/14/19 Update: Amazon Chime released a new iOS client with a setting that enables you to receive inbound calls on your lock screen (see announcement below).

Web Application Screen Sharing on Google Chrome [Web]

When your meeting attendees join by using the web application, they can now share content with you if they are in Google Chrome.

To share their screen, these attendees should do the following:
  1. In the Amazon Chime Window, choose the Screen option.
  2. Choose Start screen share.

  3. Attendees can then share their entire desktop, a single application window, or a browser tab.

  4. After selecting one of the three options, and the content they want to share, their content appears for other users. A notification appears at the bottom of their browser indicating that content is being shared.

Before sharing content in the web application attendees must install the Amazon Chime screen share extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. When possible, they should download this extension before your meeting to lessen disruption. Otherwise, they are prompted to install it when they select the Start screen share option. After installing the extension, they must choose the Start screen share option again.

Video Conferencing Support for Android [Android]

Amazon Chime now supports video conferencing in the the Chime Android application. When you have to join your meeting on the go, using Chime’s high-quality video from your Android device optimizes engagement between yourself and other attendees. Video is supported in all of your Amazon Chime meetings and allows you to view up to 8 video tiles at a time. Tile layout is optimized depending on the number of attendees sharing their video and the orientation of your screen. Start and stop your own video, or switch between the front and back camera with in-app controls.

Upcoming Meeting Management [Windows, macOS and web]

Delete Meeting Series

Meeting hosts can now delete recurring meetings from Amazon Chime using Windows, macOS, and web clients. Meeting hosts can launch a supported app and click Home to view in progress and upcoming meetings that are starting in the next 30 minutes. Meetings are listed with a description indicating if it is a meeting series and You are the organizer if you are the host. Hosts may choose the Delete meeting series option from the event menu.

When Delete meeting series is selected, the organizer will be prompted to confirm or cancel the request. When confirmed, Amazon Chime will end the meeting for all attendees, if it has already started, and the host and invited attendees will not receive an auto-call for any upcoming or future meetings in the recurring series.

Note: Only the meeting organizer for a recurring meeting series is given the Delete meeting series option. The Delete meeting series action only removes the series from the Amazon Chime system - it does not remove meetings from the host’s calendar application.

Remove Me from a Meeting Series

Meeting attendees who are getting auto-called for meetings they no longer attend may now choose to remove themselves from a recurring meeting series from the Home page of their Amazon Chime Windows, macOS and web clients. The Home page displays in progress and upcoming meetings starting in the next 30 minutes. Meetings are listed with a description indicating if it is a meeting series and the organizer name that invited the attendees. Attendees are presented with the Remove me from meeting option in the event menu for recurring meetings.

When Remove me from meeting is selected and confirmed, Amazon Chime will not auto-call the attendee for upcoming or future meetings in the recurring series and the attendee's name will not appear on the meeting roster. This option should not be used if the attendee wishes to be removed from a single occurrence in the series.

Note: This option is NOT available for the meeting organizer.

Note: If the attendee that has requested to be removed is still on the calendar invite, they may be auto-called in the future if there is an update to the event in the calendar application. To ensure the removal, please contact the meeting organizer and request to be removed from the meeting series.

Update 3/12/19

Amazon Chime Add-In for Outlook with compatibility for Outlook on Mac and Microsoft Office 365

The Amazon Chime Add-in for Outlook enables Amazon Chime Pro users to include Chime meeting details in meetings scheduled for themselves or others, without leaving Microsoft Outlook. This is a Microsoft Office Add-In that works on Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook on the web.

For more information see:

amazon chime outlook add-in

Update 3/14/19

New iOS Inbound Calling Option (pending Apple review) [iOS]:

You can now join Amazon Chime meetings and calls directly from your device's lock screen, or from Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth paired devices. When receiving an incoming call during an Amazon Chime meeting, you can accept, decline, or put the call on hold. The Allow joining from lock screen option can be enabled inside the Amazon Chime app, under Settings and is set per device.

The Allow joining from lock screen is disabled by default. Until the Allow joining from lock screen option is enabled, you will continue to join meetings and calls from Amazon Chime notifications.

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