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Amazon Chime 4.2 Release Notes

On April 20th, 2017 Amazon Chime introduced several features and enhancements for our customers.

New dial-in countries

We have added dial-in numbers for several new countries: Thailand (Toll and Toll-Free), Taiwan (Toll and Toll-Free), Bahrain (Toll and Toll-Free), Costa Rica (Toll), and Russia (Toll and Toll-Free).

User experience improvements: chat notification settings and more

In order to give customers more control over their Amazon Chime experience, we introduced more granular chat notification settings. Now customers can specify whether to be mentioned about all messages, just messages including @ mentions to the entire group or the specific individual, or no messages from any chat room or private message thread. This makes it easier for customers to be notified of the messages they care about the most.

Control your chat notifications

Mute chat notifications when necessary

Mobile support for chat notification settings

Security enhancements

Remote control allows meeting participants to request control of another participant’s computer to make collaboration easier. If your company would like to block this functionality, customer administrators can now disable the feature in the Settings > Features portion of the Amazon Chime Administration Console. When disabled, other meeting attendees will not receive the option to request shared control when a user from the account that is sharing their screen.

Additional improvements

We also added improvements to VTC dial in support, accessibility, and the reliability of Amazon Chime.

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