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Amazon Chime 4.9 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the November 2, 2017 Amazon Chime release

All clients are available.

Improved join meeting experience for attendees without the Amazon Chime application

  • The instructions for joining meetings from a browser were changed to help attendees more quickly access the Amazon Chime app and dial-in options.
  • Choose to Launch the Amazon Chime app or use the Dial-in information for audio.
  • To view screen share from the browser, click the View in browser button in step three of the dial in/screen share instructions.
  • If no one is sharing their screen a message will be displayed.
  • When someone is sharing their screen you will see the name of the attendee sharing and the screen share content.
  • For attendees who already have the Amazon Chime client installed on their desktop, clicking the join meeting link will now directly launch the app - reducing the prompts for information and clicks previously required.

Quick launch the Amazon Chime application from the join link

  • For attendees who already have the Amazon Chime client installed on their desktop, clicking the joinmeeting link will now directly launch the app - reducing the prompts for information and clicks previously required. Choose Open Amazon Chime to launch or open the application. Users with the Amazon Chime application installed will then be presented with the join meeting screen.

More dial-in numbers

  • Amazon Chime hosts can now include China toll free dial-in numbers for their meeting attendees. Please see for the full list of dial-in countries and numbers provided. China Toll-Free (1) supports China, South and China Toll-Free (2) supports China, North.

Accessibility improvements

  • All of the indicators that display audio state in the meeting roster (e.g. muted, dialed in, etc.) have been updated to meet the AA 4.5 contrast ratio. This change was made to all Amazon Chime clients.

iOS iPad enhancement

  • Users who have the Amazon Chime iOS client on an iPad with an external keyboard will now be able to send chat messages by pressing the <Return> key rather than having to click Send. Shift+<Return> can still be used to start a new line.

IAM managed policies for Amazon Chime

  • Amazon Chime provides three AWS managed policies which can be leveraged by customers using IAM roles to control access to the user management and account setup and configuration capabilities from the Amazon Chime administration console.

  • AmazonChimeFullAccess provides full access to Amazon Chime user management and account configuration.
  • AmazonChimeReadOnly provides read only access to Amazon Chime user management and account configuration.
  • AmazonChimeUserManagement provides full user management capabilities and read only access to account settings and configuration.

Dial-in welcome message changes

  • The mute and un-mute instructions, “press star 7 to mute and un-mute” have been added to the welcome message played for dial-in attendees who are the first to join a meeting.
  • The welcome message that is played when an attendee joins a meeting by dialing in has been shortened.

Keeping your client up to date for the best meeting experience

  • Amazon Chime will perform a check when joining a meeting and prompt the attendee to update their Amazon Chime client if it is not the latest version. Choose Update and restart to get the latest version or Cancel to skip the update.

Bugs and enhancements

  • Addressed an issue where users were being unexpectedly signed out. (iOS)
  • 1:1 calls are ended for both attendees when either attendee hangs up. (iOS)
  • Improved performance when opening chat rooms with unread messages. (iOS)
  • Ensure that Amazon Chime client makes a sound and pops up a notification when new notifications are received (and settings are not set to mute). (Windows)
  • Display the Invite Others dialog when a host initiates an Instant Meeting. (Windows)
  • Improved the performance of message delivery. (Windows)
  • Added logging to assist in troubleshooting. (Windows)
  • Ensure thumbnail is displayed to all members of the chat room when supported image files are attached. (Windows, OSX)
  • Improved performance when creating a new chat room. (OSX)
  • Unused space around the video tiles and shared screen is the expected color. (OSX)
  • Fixed the issue where users were receiving an "Invalid Meeting ID" error when copying and pasting the meeting ID from their calendar invite into the Join Meeting dialog. (OSX)
  • Addressed issues where messages sent when offline were getting stuck in sent or sending status. (Android)
  • Enabled 1:1 adhoc calling for Basic users. (Android)
  • Don't crash when attendee joins a meeting from the client after being joined with dial-in and 13 digit PIN. (Android)
  • Changed the meeting feedback “Thumbs down” icon to be consistent with other clients. (Android)
  • Addressed additional client crashes.
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