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Amazon Chime 4.10 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the December 4, 2017 Amazon Chime release

All clients are available.

Amazon Chime works with Alexa for Business, which means you can use Alexa to start your meetings with your voice
Integrate applications with Amazon Chime with Incoming Webhooks
  • Amazon Chime now supports incoming webhooks. Developers can configure their applications to use incoming webhooks to post messages into Amazon Chime chat rooms as soon as updates occur.
  • Administrators of Amazon Chime chat rooms can create, delete or rename incoming webhooks by navigating to chat rooms settings (the “gear” icon) and selecting Manage webhooks.
  • Learn more about how to use incoming webhooks here:
New Countries have been added to the list of Dial-ins
New iOS keyboard shortcuts
  • We have added the following keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate Amazon Chime on your iPhone or iPad:
    • Instant meeting: ⌘M
    • Join a meeting: ⌘J
    • End a meeting: ⌘E
    • Send message: return
    • Line break: shift return
    • Attach a file: ⌘ shift A
    • Open (hidden) chatrooms: ⌘O
    • Call (selected 1:1, group or room thread): ⌘K
    • Next conversation: ⌘▼
    • Previous conversation: ⌘▲
    • Switch left tab: ⌘ shift ◀
    • Switch right tab: ⌘ shift ▶
Changes to our iOS and OSX supported platforms
  • We will not be supporting new capabilities for iOS 9.0. Users with iOS 9.x devices will be able to download and install version 4.9.5980 of the Amazon Chime iOS client.
  • As of the next release (4.11) we will not be supporting new capabilities for OSX 10.10 users (4.10.5994 is the final release). A warning will be displayed to users running OSX 10.10 (and we provide an option to Don't warn me again). Users with OSX 10.10 will be able to install version 4.10.5994 of the Amazon Chime OSX client.
Bugs and enhancements
  • Prevent device from sleeping during screen share (Windows)
  • Addressed 10 second drops in audio. (Windows)
  • Enable user to sign out of the app without displaying an error. (Windows)
  • Ensure that the Amazon Chime icon flashes in the task bar when a new message is received. (Windows)
  • Late attendee should be able to see meeting chat entered before they joined. (Windows)
  • Make the Call and Meetings count indicator badges the correct shade of Teal. (Windows)
  • Upgrade UI should be displayed when user is called for a meeting and is running an older version of the Amazon Chime client. (Windows)
  • Messages were not being seen until users rebooted the clients. (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • Addressed inconsistent mute status. (iOS)
  • Changed the PIN format to xxxx xx xxxx when displayed in dial-in instructions. (iOS)
  • Maintain connection to call when device is rotated. (iOS)
  • Meetings started from 1:1, group chat or chat room should use one-time PINs. (iOS, Windows)
  • Don't show the unread message indicator on list of hidden rooms. (iOS)
  • Ensure delegates and organizers have access to lock, record, event mode and end meeting. (iOS)
  • Improved battery usage. (iOS 11)
  • Ensured “Meeting already exists - would you like to end your current meeting and start another one?” message is displayed when trying to start a second Instant message. (iOS)
  • Addressed issue where user was getting logged out when the client application was running in the background. (iOS)
  • Improved messaging performance. (iOS iPad)
  • Addressed messages getting stuck in Sending status. (iOS)
  • Prompt to upgrade after they choose to Skip. (macOS)
  • Ensure “/code” command is applied when followed by any whitespace including space, line break or tab. (macOS)
  • Ensure messages are not missed for last thread active when machine goes to sleep then wakes. (macOS)
  • Accessibility - make the text darker so it is easier to read on the dial-in join screen dialog. (macOS)
  • Addressed additional client crashes. (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android)
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