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Amazon Chime 4.4 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the June 15, 2017 Amazon Chime release.


The Amazon Chime team continues to focus on improving the application user experience in all categories including media (audio, video, screen share and remote control), performance, and client stability.

Meeting Feedback

In the last release, we included a meeting feedback mechanism designed to help us understand the audio and meeting experience of our users. We received a lot of 'feedback' on our feedback tool, and as a result, we’re adding the ability to dismiss the dialog without providing a thumbs up or thumbs down. To dismiss the dialog without leaving feedback, simply hit the <ESC> key on the desktop apps, and tap anywhere outside the dialog box on the mobile apps.

Chat notifications

To ensure that you don’t miss an important notification, they will now be send to all devices where you’re logged on. Remember, you can quiet notifications by muting a chat room, group message, or 1:1 thread if you need to.

Improved client performance

We made improvements to our desktop clients to address resource utilization. In some cases, we saw higher than expected CPU allocation that resulted in intermittent choppy audio and the application freezing-up. The improvements we made will smooth out the audio and improve your desktop experience.

The team fixed bugs and field crashes as well.
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