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Amazon Chime 4.13 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the March 12, 2018 Amazon Chime release

Windows, macOS, iOS and Android have been released.

New local numbers for China have been added to the list of Dial-ins

Bugs and Enhancements
  • Added audio messages that play for attendees that join via in-room conference systems when recording of the meeting is started and when recording is stopped. These cues augment the visual recording indicator that has been moved to the upper left of the external video window.
  • Display the International dial-in numbers option in the Amazon Chime for Outlook Add-in menu for users who are participating in the free trial. (Windows)
  • Present the Amazon Chime window on an active monitor if a system with multi-displays sleeps and wakes with fewer displays. (Windows)
  • Decreased the minimum window size to ensure that users with low resolution screens can access the meeting chat input. (Windows)
  • Addressed an issue where Amazon Chime dialogs were un-responsive or took over the focus from other applications. (Windows)
  • Repositioned the banners displaying upgrade status, connection status and other alerts so that they do not cover input areas or buttons on the main Amazon Chime window. (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where badge counts were not being decreased for chat conversations and chat rooms when the tab was open and active. (macOS)
  • Ensure attendees who join meetings without creating an account are able to view the meeting window and roster and can access the More menu. (macOS 10.11)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when closing the video sidebar if it was detached and in full screen mode. (macOS)
  • Prompt the user to download and reinstall a new client if the Amazon Chime application becomes corrupted. (macOS)
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages were being truncated if they contained a non-printable special character. (macOS)
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