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Amazon Chime 4.11 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the January 8, 2018 Amazon Chime release

All clients are available.
Increase meeting participant engagement with the new featured video capability
  • Amazon Chime meeting attendees using the desktop client can now use the "Feature this video" option to increase the size of a specific video tile. This makes it easier to collaborate by focusing on the speaker, the room or a specific attendee. Attendees can easily change their view and select or deselect a video tile to be featured.

  • To expand a video tile, hover over the tile and choose the Feature this video icon.
  • To shrink back down, hover over the tile and choose the Un-feature this video icon.
  • Note: The featured video capability is available when the meeting window is in normal or full screen as well as when the video is undocked and full screen is selected (useful when meeting attendees are using multiple monitors). When the video is undocked and not full screen there will be no Feature this video option.
Manage your meeting notifications with the new auto call controls
  • Users with Amazon Chime accounts now have more control over how they are notified on each of their devices when automatically called for scheduled meetings or when added to instant meetings or adhoc calls.
  • There are two new settings:
    • Call this device for scheduled meetings: this controls whether or not the join screen is presented when a scheduled meeting starts. This will not suppress join screens and notifications for adhoc calls or instant meetings.

      The image below is the join screen that is displayed on the Amazon Chime for Windows client when a scheduled meeting starts.

      Note: Disabling calls for scheduled meetings on a device will also suppress the ringtone and notification that a meeting is starting for scheduled meetings.
    • Play ringtone for calls and meetings: this controls whether or not the device plays a ringtone for any joinable meetings - including scheduled and instant meetings or adhoc calls initiated from chat and chat room threads.
  • These settings are device specific, and for your convenience, will be remembered on the device even after quitting the application.
  • By default, the join screen for scheduled meetings and ringtones are active on all devices.
  • These two new controls can be found in the locations described below:
    • Windows: Navigate to File > Settings > Meetings
    • macOS: Choose Amazon Chime > Preferences > Meetings
    • iOS: Open the Settings tab and locate the settings under Meetings
    • Android: Open the Settings tab and locate the settings under Meetings
Keyboard Shortcuts (iOS and Windows)
  • We modified several keyboard shortcuts that we made available for iOS and iPad devices with external keyboards. The new tab switching keyboard command now includes a shift to avoid a conflict with the device-wide ⌘+arrow combinations. The complete list of iOS keyboard shortcuts is provided below.
    • Switch left tab: ⌘ shift ◀
    • Switch right tab: ⌘ shift ▶
    • Instant meeting: ⌘ M
    • Join a meeting: ⌘ J
    • End a meeting: ⌘ E
    • Send message: return
    • Line break: shift return
    • Attach a file: ⌘ shift A
    • Open (hidden) chatrooms: ⌘ O
    • Call (selected 1:1, group or room thread): ⌘ K
    • Next conversation: ⌘▼
    • Previous conversation: ⌘▲
  • We added the ability for Windows users to select all the message threads in 1:1, group chat or chat rooms. Click inside the thread and use either “ctrl + A” or right click and choose Select All. Amazon Chime will select all message threads that have been loaded. The threads will be saved onto the clipboard and available to paste.
Bugs and enhancements:
  • Ensure all chat room members are displayed after typing “@” or selecting the “@” icon. (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows)
  • Fixed 8 bugs related to Event Mode. (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows)
  • Ensure that recently added contacts are listed when inviting users to a chat room. (macOS, Windows)
  • When a 1:1 thread is muted on one device, ensure that all the user's devices have that 1:1 thread muted. (iOS, Windows)
  • Do not change meeting invitees when a user adds and later chooses to remove the Amazon Chime Scheduled Meeting. (Windows)
  • Only display group conversation tabs in Favorites or Recents, not in both. (Windows)
  • Improved performance when @ mentioning users in chat rooms with more than 50 members - individual user's presence on the at mention list will no longer be displayed when the chat room has more than 50 members. (Windows)
  • Ensure that the microphone sound levels are not automatically increased by Amazon Chime. (macOS)
  • Fixed 10 bugs related to latest operating system update for macOS High Sierra. (macOS)
  • Don't log out users if they put the Amazon Chime application into the background. (iOS)
  • Ensure the unread badge count correctly reflects read and unread messages across all devices. (Android)
  • Join meeting dialog should be dismissed if meeting is ended, even if still playing the ringtone. (Android)
  • Corrected behavior where files for long recordings (> 7 hours) were not getting processed and delivered.
  • Addressed additional client crashes. (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows)
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