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Amazon Chime 4.8 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the October 9th, 2017 Amazon Chime release

Log out of all devices from all clients

  • Previously, we provided account administrators with a way to sign a user out of all of their devices. This functionality is now available for end users. When you sign out of Amazon Chime, end users will now be given three options:
    1. Sign out of all devices - As you would expect, this option will sign you out of all devices
    2. Cancel - Closes out the dialog and returns you to Amazon Chime
    3. Sign Out - This option will only sign you out of your current device


      Bug fixes

      • Fixed a bug that was limiting the attendee count of meetings with a large number of invitees to under 100. Now, meeting organizers can host up to 100 attendees and up to 300 invitees in their meetings.
      • Users signing in with Amazon (Login with Amazon) will no longer lose their chat history and contacts when they update their email address in their account. However, because meetings are associated with a specific email address and calendar, users with the Pro tier that need to change their email address should reschedule their meetings using their new address. All LWA users that change their email address should request that organizers for any upcoming meetings update the meeting invitation with their new address to ensure that they are auto called at the start of the meeting.
      • The Call Quality Feedback dialog will no longer block access to other prompts including the join meeting dialog. (Windows)
      • Fixed an issue preventing attendees that join meetings before creating an Amazon Chime account from using screen sharing functionality. (Windows)
      • Ensure that @mention notifications don't reappear when network is unstable. (Windows)
      • When member of room has notification settings set to Full, only show “You were mentioned” when the user was mentioned, not when other users are mentioned. (Windows)
      • Add more details to the Amazon Chime for Outlook add-in “Error getting vanity” message when delegate has moved from ProTrial or Pro to the Basic permissions. (Windows)
      • Ensure email addresses with “_” are properly displayed. (Windows)
      • Chat room should only be listed once on left navigation. (Windows)
      • Remove the “+1” from the list of group message participants displayed in the left navigation when not needed. (Windows)
      • Ensure search button initiates search. (Windows)
      • Don't display “Server is busy” error when navigating between Chat rooms. (Windows)
      • Correct several French translation issues. (Windows, Android)
      • Ensure @all notifications are delivered. (Android)
      • Corrected behavior when installing the macOS client, showing install directions and image. (macOS)
      • Include @mention user name, 'Present Members' and 'All Members' in the message when message displayed in search results. (macOS)
      • Improved the accessibility of the Meetings tab by adding missing labels. (iOS)
      • Decline for an instant meeting on another device now results in the iOS join screen closing. (iOS)
      • Address several field client crashes (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS)
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