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Amazon Chime 4.3 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the May 18, 2017 Amazon Chime release.


The Amazon Chime team just added two features to help with user administration. The first makes it easier for you manage all users in your corporate domain. The second allows you to use your existing Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication, provisioning and license assignment. Jeff Barr's recent blog post provides more detail about Claim your domain and Active Directory integration.

Meeting feedback

We are constantly working to improve audio and video quality in Amazon Chime meetings. As a result, we will ask you to provide feedback on your meeting experience at the end of your Amazon Chime meetings. The experience will be seamless – we simply replaced the OK button to dismiss the dialog at the end of meetings with a thumbs up or thumbs down choice. Select thumbs up if the quality was good. Select thumbs down if you had a bad experience and the dialog will close.

For those of you that would like to leave detailed feedback, choose the comment icon and we will provide you with a text field to tell us more about your meeting experience. Choose whether you would like to include diagnostic information with your submission, and select Send.

Note: Diagnostic logs contain information about your device and connection to our network which may be used to troubleshoot issues and/or to improve our service. They do not include personal data. Please consult the AWS privacy notice for how we protect your data.

Chat Room Improvements

Based on your feedback, we have made improvements to the chat room experience across desktop and mobile clients. We now keep chat rooms open and their order synchronized across all your devices. If you have chat rooms opened on your desktop and arranged in a certain way, we will also show them as opened on your mobile device and ordered the same.

You can choose to “hide” an open room on your mobile device. On iOS swipe left to reveal the Hide option; on Android use long press and then select Hide.

Your notification settings for chat rooms will now also be synchronized across your devices. Notification levels can be set from the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android app, and they are reflected on all your other clients. Navigate to a chat room, select the options icon (ooo) and choose Notification settings.

To open a chat room that you’ve been invited to join, select Open and choose the chat room from the list. Once opened, you will be listed as Present and when you return to your desktop device, the chat room will be opened there too!

A few other small changes ...

Free-trial email: Users receive an email notifying them that their 30 day free trial has ended so that they know that they will no longer be able to access Pro features. Please visit for more information about our different license tiers.

Additional dial-ins: We have added dial-in numbers for online meetings in more countries. For the complete list of countries and our rates please see
  • Bulgaria (Toll-Free)
  • Indonesia (Toll-Free)
  • Pakistan (Toll-Free)
  • Turkey (Toll and Toll-Free)
File names for recordings: In the past, we used a time stamp to name the meeting recording file that we sent you. We received feedback that this approach made it difficult to find the right recorded meeting, and so now recorded meetings will be named using the meeting name and the date the meeting took place.

Tip: If you have ever recorded a meeting and want to find it again, return to the 1:1 chat with Amazon Chime Recordings to see the files we sent you. To add this user to your contacts, choose Contacts and Invite contact and enter You could even mark Amazon Chime Recordings as a favorite in your contacts list.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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