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Amazon Chime required security update

Update your Amazon Chime clients to Version 5.21 or later - Required

As of 2023-08-23, significant updates have been made to all our Amazon Chime clients (desktop, web, and mobile) that require you to update to the latest version. Updates include the Amazon Chime Meeting Waiting Room feature, that adds another layer of privacy and security to all your meetings.

If you have not yet updated to the latest 5.21 version of Amazon Chime, you will be signed out, and you will not be able to sign-in, join meetings, or use chat until you update.

When you open a client which is < 5.21, you will see a informational banner on the sign-in page, and will not have the option to sign-in or join a meeting without an account.

Important note: You will still be able sign-in and join a meeting from a web browser on your desktop device by opening

If you have trouble clicking links on this page (including the Download button), OR have trouble connecting when you click on 'Join meeting with web client', please copy the links and open them from a browser on your device.


On 5.x mobile clients, you will be restricted from accessing the app until you update.


For Amazon Chime on Windows or macOS, you can also follow prompts to update, or download the latest version from the link below. For Android or iOS, you can also turn on auto updates via your OS settings, or update your apps via AppStore or Google Play.

Get the latest version of your Amazon Chime clients here:
For more info on the new features in Amazon Chime 5.21, visit:

For more info on the Amazon Chime Waiting Room, visit:


When using options on the sign-in page, you may have trouble with:

  • Unsupported default browser in Windows: Clicking on the link might open the Amazon Chime web client in the default Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge browser that is not supported. Fix: Copy and paste the link using a supported browser.
  • Links not clickable: Due to restrictions, some or all of the links may not be clickable. Fix: Copy the links and open them from a browser on your device.
  • Download link opens within the Android app (not an external mobile browser tab): In older Android clients, tapping the Download link may open the download page within the Amazon Chime Android app. You will not be able to update the app from Google Play in this embedded view. Fix: Copy the links and open them from a browser on your Android device OR update the app from Google Play.
  • The Amazon Chime web app is not supported on mobile browsers: Attempts to join a meeting using from a mobile browser is not supported. Tip: We recommend using a supported browser on you desktop device, or dialing in to your meeting.
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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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