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Amazon Chime 5.21 Release Notes

UPDATED 2023-08-17

A hotfix is now available for the Amazon Chime macOS client. The update includes security enhancements.

UPDATED 2023-08-15

A hotfix is now available for the Amazon Chime Windows client. The update includes security enhancements.

Version 5.21 Features and Enhancements delivered in the July 27, 2023 Amazon Chime release

The new Amazon Chime 5 clients for Windows, macOS, and web deliver an enhanced look and feel across the entire app (chat and meetings). Amazon Chime 5 is powered by Amazon Chime SDK with high quality audio, video, and content share, for an engaging and inclusive meeting experience.

For continuity and familiarity, many of our features remain the same you can still include up to 250 participants, host meetings from 16 AWS global regions, schedule and receive auto-calls for meetings, perform quick actions like starting a call from a chat, create instant meetings, view attendee status using our visual roster, and perform meeting features like remote mute, record, and undock screen share and video tiles.


We incorporated your feedback into our design. We increased the number of video tiles to 25, added a device preview to select and test audio and video devices before joining your meeting, added the ability to join muted, and added the active speaker name to the roster and the floating call control. With Amazon Chime 5, your meeting attendees can focus on who is speaking, have greater control on the content that is important for them, and participate quickly when contributing to the meeting. Meeting presenters have increased control over what content they are sharing and have improved visibility to who is speaking, attendee’s questions, and raised hands.

Amazon Chime 5 was designed to improve the chat and meeting experience for everyone, including a redesign to better integrate with assistive technologies like screen readers and keyboard-only navigation. The meeting and chat experience provides light and dark modes that meet AA color contrast guidelines for low-vision and color blind individuals. Our clients offer full keyboard support with visual indication of focus in windows, contact pickers, alerts and other dialogs. All windows and call controls support keyboard shortcuts and we include full screen reader support with logical keyboard flow, alternative text, and updates when changes occur with context based reader announcements. Attendees can feature two video tiles to facilitate lip reading and ASL interpreter support alongside screen share and other video tiles with active speaker sorting.


Use the links below to familiarize yourself with the new experience. The team is excited to share this new upgrade with you to use as you meet and chat with your colleagues to get work done.

Getting to know Amazon Chime 5:

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