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The Amazon Chime Meeting Window

Our Meeting window provides controls to open and close the chat and attendee panel, undock video and screen share, and quickly hide or rearrange video tiles to provide you with more screen real estate while making important controls like audio and video device and settings easy to get to.

The left control bar opens and closes the attendee and chat panel. Visit here to learn more about what information and controls are available in the attendee panel.

You also have quick access to meeting controls in the More (three dot) menu. The options available in the menu are based on your role. If you are the host, one of their delegates, or a moderator in a moderated meeting, you have the full set of meeting controls (shown in the diagram below).

At the bottom of the Meeting window are the Call controls. These options enable you to turn on or off your audio, video, and screen share or Leave/End the meeting. You can also click on the up arrow next to audio and video to change the device you are using, or change settings. Don’t forget if you are having challenges with your computer audio, you can get information needed to join the meeting using a phone by clicking the up arrow next to the audio icon and choosing Switch to dial-in.


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