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Creating Your Personalized Meeting Link

A personalized meeting link can be created to make it easier for you to tell your attendees how to join.

The meeting link that you create must be between 12 and 35 alpha-numeric characters. Only periods, underscores, and hyphens are supported (not spaces or other special characters) and are not included in the character count.

Follow the steps below to set your personalized meeting link on Windows or Mac clients:

  1. Choose Meetings from the top launch pad and select My meeting bridge information
  2. Click Create your personalized ID
  3. Follow the instructions and enter 12 or more alpha-numeric characters and select Save.
  4. Your link will now be displayed in the Meeting bridge information.
  5. From this dialog you can choose Copy all to select information that you can send to your meeting attendees.
  6. When you use any of the Schedule Meeting tools (including Meetings > Schedule a Meeting or the Amazon Chime add-in for Outlook) your personalized link will be included replacing the 10 digit Personal Meeting PIN.


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