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Amazon Chime Presence Indicators

The Amazon Chime clients display information by users' names to help you understand their availability (commonly referred to as presence).

Our servers use a number of different inputs to determine your presence status:

  1. Do you have a mobile or desktop client signed in?
  2. Have you ever signed in with a mobile client?
  3. Are you currently attending an Amazon Chime meeting?
  4. Was one or more of your clients actively being used?
  5. Have you overridden the automatic system status and set yours to Available or Busy?

Our server automatically sets your presence and display's icon's next to your name:

  • Green (mobile icon) idle or signed out of desktop and has a mobile device available.
  • Blue (clock) is desktop idle (10 minutes since last keyboard/mouse activity).
  • Red (circle) is in an Amazon Chime meeting or busy.
  • Green (check mark) is available.
  • Grey (lock) the user’s Presence is hidden
    • Hide your Presence status on Windows, macOS, web in the User menu > Presence list or iOS and Android from the Settings tab (“Share availability information with” Everyone or No One).
  • Grey (with a diagonal slash) is the user is not logged in:
    • If they only have a desktop device setup their indicator turns grey within 10 minutes.
    • If they have a mobile device, they will first show green mobile (above) if they are logged in and then grey if the device has not been active on Amazon Chime for more than 6 days.
  • Red (with a line in the middle) is the user is set to Do Not Disturb
    • All Amazon Chime notifications are suppressed across all devices. This includes app badge notifications, toasts, and mobile push notifications for messages and meetings.
    • Do Not Disturb will not change your ability to read and reply to messages within Amazon Chime, and badge counters will continue to increment in your lists of Amazon Chime chat rooms and conversations.
    • If another user attempts to send you a 1:1 message, a banner will be displayed letting them know that you are not currently receiving notifications. This banner is only displayed in 1:1 messages - not in Group chat or Chat rooms.
    • When you turn off Do Not Disturb, Amazon Chime will resume sending notifications. Notifications missed while on Do Not Disturb will not be resent after the status is changed, but badge counts will reflect all unread messages, including those that were missed while in Do Not Disturb mode.

  • To manually override your presence, please do the following from one of your clients. Just change it on one device and the setting will be reflected on all your devices!:
    • Mobile:
      Navigate to the Contacts tab > click on your name > from Change Status screen choose your presence state.
    • Desktop:
      Choose the User menu (drop down next to your name in the upper left which is showing you your current presence status) and choose your presence state. Automatic to let Amazon Chime determine or choose a specific status.
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