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Amazon Chime 4.30 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the February 20th, 2020 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.30 for Windows, macOS, and web is now available for all users. Version 4.30 of the iOS, Android clients will rollout in batches starting on February 20th and is expected to complete within seven days.

USB Headset Call Controls [Windows/macOS]

Users can now use the call control buttons on their Jabra, Poly, or Sennheiser (EPOS) headsets to answer, mute or unmute, and hang up Amazon Chime calls. Call control uses USB HIDs, so a headset with USB connectivity (Direct, DECT or Bluetooth dongle) is required. Support for other headsets is “best effort” and dependent compatibility with their HID implementation. Users will start receiving this change over the next two weeks.

Prompt for Meeting Feedback Setting [Windows/macOS/iOS/Android]

Users now have a setting to control whether or not they are prompted to provide feedback at the end of each meeting. The setting is per device, and can be accessed from the Chime client’s meeting settings or preferences section.

The positive feedback percentage is displayed in the Amazon Chime Console - Reports Dashboard. Users that do not provide feedback are excluded from the calculation.

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