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Announcing Do Not Disturb

Amazon Chime users now have the ability to set their status to Do Not Disturb. This status eliminates distracting notifications when you are not at work, in an important meeting, or generally do not want to be disturbed.

What happens when I am in Do Not Disturb mode?

While in Do Not Disturb mode, all Amazon Chime notifications will be suppressed across all devices. This includes app badge notifications, toasts, and mobile push notifications for messages and meetings. Do Not Disturb will not change your ability to read and reply to messages within Chime, and badge counters will continue to increment in your lists of Chime chat rooms and conversations.

How will other users know I am in Do Not Disturb mode?

Other users will be notified of your status with a new presence icon and associated tool tip. If they attempt to message you while you are in Do Not Disturb, they will see a blue notification banner letting them know you are not currently receiving notifications.

What happens when I turn off Do Not Disturb?

When you turn off Do Not Disturb, Amazon Chime will resume sending notifications. Notifications missed while on Do Not Disturb will not be resent after status is changed, but badge counts will reflect all unread messages, including those that were missed while in Do Not Disturb mode.

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