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Amazon Chime 4.28 Release Notes

Amazon Chime 4.28 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the December 12th, 2019 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.278 for Windows, macOS, Android and web is now available for all users.

New Emoji Picker With Unicode Emoji [Windows, macOS, Web]

The emoji picker has been updated. Updates include support for larger display when three or fewer emojis are used, conversion of shorthand emojis [like :) :P etc], skin tone variation, support for emoji suggestions, and performance enhancements.

Option to copy or open URLs included in messages [Android, iOS]

Users can now long press on messages that contain a URL and choose to copy the URL or open the destination.

Improved Echo Cancellation [Windows/macOS/Android]

Improvements to automatic cancellation of echo targeting three specific scenarios where a user’s microphone and speaker choice create echo for other participants. Targeted scenarios include use of built-in microphone and speakers, use of an analog audio jack, and use of separate microphone and speakers (for example: built-in microphone with TV speakers).

Silent Installation of Amazon Chime on Microsoft Windows [Windows]

Amazon Chime now offers administrators the option to silently install Chime on Microsoft Windows. This is accomplished with two new installation parameters, "/verysilent" and "/nas."

/verysilent - prevents installation windows from opening on the user's machine while the installation is in progress.

/nas - "Non auto-start" prevents Chime from automatically opening on the user's machine once installation is complete.

These options are useful for administrators that want to remotely install Chime on user machines without disrupting their users. This can be accomplished by creating a remote session on a user machine in PowerShell and running the following commands.

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile ".\chime.exe"
.\chime.exe /verysilent /nas

Other performance enhancements and bug fixes [Windows/macOS/Android/iOS/Web]

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