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Amazon Chime 4.26 Release Notes

Amazon Chime 4.26 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the October 15th, 2019 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.26 for Windows, macOS, Android and web is now available for all users.

Screen share from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without downloading a plug-in or installing an extension [Web]

Amazon Chime meeting attendees can now share their screen or an application window directly from a supported browser without downloading a plug-in or installing an extension. Approximately 95% of all attendees joining Chime meetings from a browser join using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The Chime web application leverages the native Web APIs provided in Google Chrome version 72 and higher and Mozilla Firefox version 66 and higher to enable attendees to share an application window or entire screen. Meeting attendees, including authenticated and unauthenticated users, are now three clicks away from sharing content from a Windows, macOS, Linux, or ChromeOS device.

Sharing from a web browser

To share content, join a meeting by clicking on the meeting link or entering the meeting ID from a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and choose Share > Start screen share.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps.

  1. Choose the application window or Entire screen from the dropdown provided.

  2. If you choose Entire screen or a Firefox browser window, a Firefox warning is displayed. Note: Content that you choose to share is only shared with attendees participating in the Chime meeting. Choose to Allow to share the selected content.

  3. When you are sharing content, Firefox displays a flashing red screen share icon to the left of the URL. If you are using Windows, a modal that is hidden from other viewers is displayed. Click on the Firefox icon to drag the modal to a different location on your screen.

  4. Once you have completed sharing content, choose Screen > Stop screen sharing from the Chime meeting window.

If you are using Google Chrome, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Your Entire Screen, Application Window or Chrome Tab from the options provided. Click on the image that you want to share (it will be highlighted in blue) and choose Share.

  2. When you are sharing content, Chrome displays a red dot icon on the meeting tab and a modal that indicates you are sharing content. Click on the modal controller (on the left of the modal) to drag the modal to a different location on your screen or choose Hide to dismiss the indicator.

  3. Once you have completed sharing content, choose Screen > Stop screen sharing from the Chime meeting window or Stop sharing from the Chrome modal.

Why Red Mic? [Windows, macOS]

When a meeting participant is experiencing poor audio, their microphone turns red in the meeting roster. Now each user can see why their microphone is red in the microphone tooltip.

At any time during a meeting, a user can see their own speaker and microphone decoder loss in the tooltip of their microphone. Decoder loss is the percentage of 20ms audio frames that were not available for playback to meeting participants. Loss occurs when packets are lost on the network, are received out of order, too late for playback or corrupt. Loss can also occur when using bluetooth devices with connectivity issues or USB headsets plugged into a docking station / USB hub.

Decoder loss for speaker and microphone are calculated for the most recent 1s and 5s intervals. Beside the measures are ratings the loss on audio quality: good (no perceivable impact), fair (acceptable impact), poor (acceptable impact, but action to improve recommended), and bad (unacceptable impact and action required).

If a user has a rating of poor or bad the recommended actions are: (1) if on Wi-Fi, relocate closer to the Wi-Fi access point or switch to a wired connection if possible; (2) If on a wired connection, consider pausing or closing other applications that may be using excessive CPU or network bandwidth; (3) if using a docking station or USB hub, ensure the USB headset or dongle is plugged directly into the laptop.

Other performance enhancements and bug fixes [Windows/macOS/Android/iOS/Web]

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