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Amazon Chime 4.16 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the July 9, 2018 Amazon Chime release

Amazon Chime version 4.16 for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android is now available.

New System Requirements: The Windows client now requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher. Earlier versions of .NET are no longer supported by Microsoft.

A new toll-free number with a reduced rate and new local dial-in options have been added for India

Amazon Chime now offers more options and greater savings with local numbers and a reduced toll-free rate for India. Your meeting attendees in India have the option of dialing toll-free, from any phone, with no toll charges for them, and now with no need to enable international services on their phone plan. Attendees also now have the option of using local numbers for Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune to join your meetings. Attendees dialing local numbers will be charged local toll rates by their carrier when they use these local numbers. When your attendees dial toll-free in India, the cost is just $0.121 per minute billed by AWS to your account. When your attendees dial local numbers in India, the cost is just $0.093 per minute billed by AWS to your account.

To take advantage of the new numbers for upcoming meetings or meeting series that you have already scheduled, you must open the invitation in your calendar, update the listed dial-in numbers and send the update to all attendees. The new India dial-in numbers have been listed below and are on our dial-in numbers page. To include the new India numbers in your new meeting invitations, select any of the India Toll and Toll-Free numbers from the list of available international dial-in numbers when scheduling your meeting.

India Toll-Free: +91 1800 2660826
India Bangalore (1): +91 80 6480 2009
India Bangalore (2): +91 80 6180 0598
India Chennai (1): +91 44 6480 2009
India Chennai (2): +91 44 6697 2922
India Delhi: +91 11 6480 2009
India Hyderabad: +91 40 6480 2009
India Kolkata: +91 33 6480 2009
India Mumbai (1): +91 22 6480 2009
India Mumbai (2): +91 22 6241 6519
India Pune: +91 20 6480 2009

Bugs and Enhancements
  • CallKit functionality has be disabled for iOS users in accordance with Apple guidelines regarding the use of CallKit in China. This change only affects users that have their Country/Region set to China. With CallKit disabled, impacted iOS users will no longer be able to manage incoming calls while on an Amazon Chime meeting.
  • Fixed an issue where attendees on Windows did not hear audio cues for events, like when attendees join or leave the meeting.
  • Fixed an issue where users on Windows were reporting that timestamps in chat were not being updated after changing the computer time zone. Users should now see the chat message timestamps updated after changing the computer time zone.
  • Users were reporting that speaker volume was being automatically reduced to 25% after joining calls. This issue was present when volume for the previous call was high. With this fix, users who had increased the volume on their last call will no longer see audio volume reduced when they join meetings.
  • Resolved an issue where users on an older version of the Amazon Chime Windows client were not able to sign out after a failed attempt to update their client.
  • Fixed two issues that were causing a high number of forced logouts on Windows.
  • Improved the metrics for our Microsoft Outlook add-in to aid with measuring the scope of reported issues.
  • Fixed an issue in macOS where users repeatedly using the same keyboard shortcut to open a menu item experienced application crashes.
  • Corrected occurrences of the “Audio subsystem error.” This issue had been experienced by macOS users with Bluetooth audio devices and required a restart of the Amazon Chime application.
  • Fixed an issue where users on the Android client were notified, but when they unlocked their device, nothing was found in the notification tray.
  • Fixed an issue where presence status for Android users in some cases was not updated to 'Busy' after they joined a meeting.
  • Additional improvements to increase stability.

Hotfix - 8/28
On 8/28/2018 we released a hotfix on Android providing support for Android 9 Pie and minor bug fixes and performance improvements. On 9/6/2018 we released a hotfix for iOS providing improved battery usage and other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Maintenance Release for Android - 10/29
  • Increased control over application permissions with runtime permission handling - This change provides you with more control over which permissions you grant to Amazon Chime and provides clarity how each of those permissions will be used. If you are using Chime for the first time and running Android 6.0 or above, you will be prompted to grant permissions to Chime inside the application as they are needed. For example, when you join a meeting, Chime will ask for permission to record audio (so you can participate in meeting audio), make and manage phone calls (so you have the option of dialing-in), and access your phone call logs (so Chime can end calls initiated in Chime if you start a new call from your phone). When adding contacts, if you click the [+] next to the Contact field, Chime will request access to your contacts so you can select from the contacts stored in your phone. If you are already using Chime, you will not have to re-grant permissions.

  • Notification Look and Feel - Amazon Chime notifications have been updated for compatibility with the latest Android versions.

  • Adaptive app launcher icon - Amazon Chime now offers an adaptive icon. If you are using Android 8 or above, the Chime icon can display in a variety of shapes across different device models. For example, the new adaptive launcher icon can display a circular shape on one OEM device, and a squircle on another, depending on OEM settings.

  • Other enhancements and performance improvements

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