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Amazon Chime 4.39 January 2022 Update Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the January 10, 2022 Amazon Chime update.

Amazon Chime clients for Windows, macOS, web, iOS and Android are now available.


UPDATE: On January 19, 2022 a Windows client was released to all 4.39 Windows users. We replaced the Amazon Chime uninstaller executable with a signed executable.


Remote Desktop Control Feature Announcement [Windows, macOS]

Beginning with the August, 2022 client release (this is being extended beyond the previous announced date of March, 2022), Amazon Chime will no longer support the Remote Desktop Control feature which provides attendees the ability to remotely control another user’s keyboard and mouse while viewing a screen share during a meeting. The Request Shared Control option will no longer be listed in the Screen menu while viewing another attendee’s screen share. Please contact your AWS Account Manager or AWS Customer Support for more information.

Dolby Voice Room Support is ending [Dolby Voice Room]

Per the Dolby Voice End of Life Policy Products and Dolby Voice End of Live Support Software announcements, as of May 31, 2022, Amazon Chime will no longer support an in-room experience on Dolby Voice Room.

Amazon Chime Business Calling Update [Windows, macOS, web, iOS, Android]

The following changes are being made to support the Amazon Chime Business Calling capability available in the 4.39 Windows, macOS, web, iOS, and Android clients.

If you have an Amazon Chime Business Calling phone number and have outbound calling enabled, you can now dial 911 from the United States.

Outbound calling enables you to initiate a call from the Amazon Chime desktop, web, or mobile clients in the following ways:

  • Windows, macOS, and web clients
    • On the Home tab, choose Dial a phone number from the Quick actions list.
    • Choose Meetings, then choose Dial a phone number.
    • In the navigation pane, choose the Meeting and call actions icon, located to the right of MEETINGS AND CALLS, then choose Dial a phone number.
    • Choose Call history under MEETINGS AND CALLS, select a previous outbound number entry from the Incoming, Missed, or Outgoing list, choose the Call log actions icon, then choose Call
  • iOS and Android clients
    • Calls > dial pad icon
    • Calls > Call history > select a previous outbound number

All users with a Business Calling number and outbound calling enabled see the following banner after choosing Dial a phone number: Amazon Chime is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling outside the United States.


To use Amazon Chime Business Calling, your device must be connected to a network. If not, calls made by choosing Dial will not be completed.

Consult the Amazon Chime User Guide and Administrator Guide for additional information.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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