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Amazon Chime 4.39 Windows Update Release Notes

Version 4.39.10290 Windows Update - Features and Enhancements delivered in the October 14, 2021 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.39.10290 for Windows is now available.

iOS 10.x and 11.x Operating System Announcement [iOS]

Beginning with the December, 2021 client release, Amazon Chime will no longer provide support for the Amazon Chime iOS mobile client when running version 10.x or 11.x of the iOS Operating System. Please update your device to version iOS 12 or above.

macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and 10.13 (High Sierra) Operating System Announcement [macOS]

Beginning with the December, 2021 client release, Amazon Chime will no longer provide support for the macOS client when running version 10.12 (Sierra) or 10.13 (High Sierra). Please update to version 10.14 (Mojave) or above.

The Amazon Chime Web Client is now available in French and English [web]

The Amazon Chime web client now supports French in addition to English. When you set your browser language to French, Amazon Chime presents the Home page, meetings, chat rooms and conversations user interface in French. We also display screen share selection, search input labels, actions, alert messages, and hover text in French.


Amazon Chime uses the Language setting in your browser to determine if we should display UI elements in English or Canadian French.

canadian-french-web-app.pngThe Amazon Chime UI displayed in Canadian French

Amazon Chime presents messaging content, meeting names, and other user entered content in the language that was used when posting - we do not perform translations.

While most of the interface has been translated, there are still other items that are presented in English - this includes Documentation, system generated emails (Team invites, email verification, contact request invites, scheduling failures, etc), chat date and time format, dial-in announcements and cues, call recordings, raise hand messages and queue output, in meeting chat information presented by the system, scheduled meeting invite text, and the Amazon Chime Screen Share Chrome extension.

Amazon Chime Outlook add-in for Windows update [Windows]

We have renewed the signing certificate for the the Amazon Chime Outlook add-in for Windows. If you are using the Amazon Chime Outlook add-in and are scheduling meetings for other users, run the installer when prompted to complete the update.

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