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Amazon Chime 4.37 Release Notes

Version 4.37 - Features and Enhancements delivered in the January 13, 2021 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime Meetings App for Slack and Amazon Chime version 4.37 for Windows, macOS, web, iOS, and Android clients are now available.

Android 4.x Deprecation [Android]

As announced in November, 2020, Amazon Chime no longer provides support for Android 4.x devices. Please update to version 5 or above.

macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) Deprecation [macOS]

Beginning with the March, 2021 client release, Amazon Chime will no longer provide support for the macOS client when running version 10.11 (El Capitan). Please update to version 10.12 (Sierra) or above.

Amazon Chime Meetings App for Slack is now easier to deploy across all your Slack workspaces [all]

The Amazon Chime Meetings App for Slack is available from the Slack App Directory and is now an Enterprise-ready app that can quickly be enabled for all your Slack workspaces in an Organization as well as in individual workspaces. This removes the need to install the Slack app individually on each workspace associated with an Organization. Once enabled, your users can make and join Amazon Chime meetings with users from any workspace under the Organization.

Org Owners or Org Admins, can now view and manage apps for workspaces in their Enterprise Grid organization from the Apps section of the Slack Org Admin dashboard. Once the Amazon Chime Meetings App for Slack is installed at the org level, it can then be added it to your workspaces. Visit this Slack article to learn more about enabling Slack Apps in Enterprise Grid organizations:

If you have already setup the Amazon Chime Meetings for Slack App for some or all of your workspaces, you can still install the app at the org level, and members of those workspaces can continue using the Amazon Chime Meetings for Slack App without interruption. For more details on how to setup and configure the Amazon Chime Meetings for Slack App, please consult the Amazon Chime Administration Guide as well as the Slack Manage apps on Enterprise Grid help article.

For more details on the /chime slash command or to start a call, visit the Amazon Chime User Guide or our website for an overview of how the Slack App works.

Voice Focus (noise reduction) is now available on the Amazon Chime web app [web]

The Amazon Chime web application ( now use Amazon Voice Focus - already available in the Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android clients - to reduce certain types of unwanted noise during meetings. Amazon Voice Focus reduces environment noises like wind, fans, and running water; background noises like lawn mowers and dogs barking; foreground noises like keyboard typing, shuffling papers, and crunching potato chips.


Amazon Voice Focus operates on your local microphone before it is transmitted to other participants, so by running Amazon Voice Focus, you help other participants focus on your voice.

Amazon Voice Focus is turned off by default while attending meetings and provides noise suppression. Turn Amazon Voice Focus on by checking the Voice Focus (noise suppression) option found under the More menu.

If there is audio that you do not wish to be suppressed, for instance you are sharing your audio device with another attendee in the same meeting room or some background audio like music is intended to be shared, turn it off by unchecking the Voice Focus (noise suppression) option found under the More menu.

The setting is not remembered when you attend your next meeting using the web app. If Amazon Voice Focus is not supported on your device, the option will not be listed in the More menu.

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