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Why was I sent a schedule failure email?

I received an email with the subject: Amazon Chime Meeting Scheduling Failure
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You can still use the Amazon Chime bridge for your meeting - even if there was a Schedule Failure email sent because there were >300 emails invited or if the meeting ID did not match the calendar owner. It will not be successful if the user does not have Pro permissions.

  • The failure is that there will be no auto-call. Users can still join the meeting at the scheduled time. They will need to join manually by clicking on the link or choosing Meetings > Join a meeting and entering the meeting ID and the system will not know what the name of the meeting is or when it is scheduled to end.
  • If you want attendees to receive an auto-call - make sure there are <300 emails in the invite and send the update to all (not just the changed users).

There are a few reasons your request to resulted in a meeting failure. Please review the list of possible root causes and recommended actions.

What caused the failure?
What might have caused it? What should you do? Additional Resources
The Amazon Chime user does not have permission to schedule a meeting. The 30 day ProTrial has expired or you have not been assigned the Pro permission.

To test to see if you have Pro permissions, launch Amazon Chime on Windows or Mac and choose Meetings > Schedule a Meeting. If the scheduling assistant dialog opens you are good (please continue down the table).

If you see the message "Amazon Chime Pro is required to use this feature. Contact sales to upgrade or start a free trial." your account does not have permission to schedule a meeting.
Contact your Help Desk or IT Admin. See the pricing page on the Amazon Chime website for a description of permissions.
You were scheduling a meeting for yourself and the email associated with the calendar does not match the email address used for the Amazon Chime user. You may have created an Amazon Chime account with an email alias that does not match the primary email address associated with your calendar. Verify that the email address associated with your calendar matches your Amazon Chime email address. You may need to change the email address or create a new Amazon Chime account using your work email address (associated with your calendar). See Creating an Amazon Chime Account for more details.
You schedule meetings for someone else and the email associated with the calendar does not match the owner of the Meeting ID. You may not have followed the proper steps required to schedule meetings for another user. 1) Ensure you have been set up as their delegate in Amazon Chime.

2) Make sure you are following the process of scheduling the meeting properly with the Amazon Chime for Outlook Add-in or that you are manually inviting the and proper pin+<meetingID> associated with your delegator's Amazon Chime account.

You invited too many attendees to your meeting. You invited more than 300 email addresses to a calendar meeting that was sent to For scheduled meetings, include the email address of attendees you want to receive the auto-call, for instance presenters, and use distribution lists for the majority of the participants to help avoid reaching the 300-item roster limit. See Conducting large meetings with Amazon Chime for best practices.
There was a problem receiving and parsing the calendar invite. You may be using iCloud or another unsupported calendar client. Please try to schedule using a different calendar client (Outlook, Google, Lotus, Apple Calendar, etc.) and resubmit your request. If the problem persists, please contact your Help Desk or IT Admin.

Please contact your Help Desk or IT Admin for more assistance.

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