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Why am I not receiving an auto-call for my Amazon Chime meetings?

I am scheduling Amazon Chime meetings but I am not getting called when the meeting starts.

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Here are a few areas to check:

  1. Are you signed in?
    In order for Amazon Chime to start the meeting for you and for you to get the auto call, please be sure you have at least one device signed in that is also online. If you don't want the app running, we recommend Quitting. If you Sign Out of your Amazon Chime account we will not be able to initiate the call to the Amazon Chime App. Note: You can Quit the mobile client, and Amazon Chime will be able to notify you of the meeting because we are able to use the Apple push network and/or the Google Play push network to send push notifications. We recommend quitting not signing out.
  2. Was the meeting scheduled from a shared calendar?
    At this time, Amazon Chime does not have auto-call capabilities when scheduled on a shared calendar.
  3. Were you invited using your work email or was the invite sent to a distribution list?
    Amazon Chime does not have the ability to determine individual emails when given a distribution list. Ask the organizer to expand the distribution list before sending the calendar invite or request that your email is added to the To: portion of the calendar invite.
  4. Do you have your presence status set to Do Not Disturb?
    If you enable Do Not Disturb on any device, it will mute notifications for meetings as well as messages. Change the presence setting to ensure you receive the auto-calls. Learn more here.
  5. Have you disabled calling on the device?
    There are settings in the Amazon Chime client that allow you to block notifications for calls. Change the setting on the particular device to ensure you receive the auto-calls. Learn more here.
  6. Did you create an account with the correct email address?
    Ensure that the email address you associated with your Amazon Chime account matches the email address associated with your work calendar. If you are using Login with Amazon (LWA) you can change the email address by logging into your account at and changing the Account Settings.
  7. Was invited to the meeting?
    Ensure that was invited to your meeting, and, if you are prompted to invite guests outside your domain, that the person scheduling responded affirmatively. If the meeting time was changed or attendees added, the user scheduling will need to make sure to send the update to all. Amazon Chime may not know about your meeting and would not start at the expected time.
  8. Was there an error processing your Amazon Chime meeting?
    The organizer should check their email and make sure they did not get a Failure email notification from Amazon Chime. If you did, this email should help explain what might have gone wrong.
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