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Conducting large meetings using Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime supports up to 250 connections for any meeting hosted by a user with Amazon Chime Pro permissions.

This applies to:

  • Any meeting ID type:
    • personal meeting ID,
    • new meeting ID, or
    • moderated meetings.
  • Meetings started any way:
    • scheduled using,
    • initiated from a conversation or chat room, or
    • instant meeting initiated from the application.

Amazon Chime includes logic to automatically reduce distractions associated with larger meetings. When a meeting grows beyond 25 attendees, Amazon Chime will change the meeting experience in the following ways:

  • New attendees connecting from an Amazon Chime client, dialing-in or using Alexa for Business will be muted when they join.
    • Note: Amazon Chime does not automatically mute attendees joining from an in-room video system.
  • Roster notifications for attendee join, leave, drop or decline events are disabled for attendees using an Amazon Chime app.
  • Join and leave tones will not be played.
  • A message is sent in the meeting chat describing the change in the meeting experience.

NOTE: For meetings that start with over 25 individual email addresses invited, the meeting will start with the new meeting experience.

NOTE: Currently there is a 300-item limit for the meeting roster which includes all users displayed under the Attendees, Invited, Left, Dropped and Declined sections. If the roster reaches the 300-item limit, attendees trying to connect are notified that the meeting is full and will not be able to join.

Managing large meetings:

  • Schedule your large meeting using a new meeting ID - we don't recommend using your personal meeting ID.
  • If you need assistance with your meeting, consider scheduling a moderated meeting and share your passcode with some colleagues that can assist with the meeting. See this article for more details regarding moderated meetings:
  • Use Event Mode to better manage your large meetings. See this article for more details:
  • Use other meeting management host controls such as Mute all and Disable attendee unmute or use the roster to Mute noisy connections to reduce background noise. Remember that dial-in and in-room video attendees can also be unmuted if they are having challenges finding the control.
  • If you get close to the 300 roster limit, have the host, delegate(s), or moderator(s) use the Remove attendee from meeting option available with the Windows or macOS clients on attendees in the LEFT or INVITED list on the roster.

Large meeting best practices:

  • If you are hosting a meeting with participants around the globe, make sure it is scheduled (invite and invite at least one attendee (using their email address, not a distribution list) from each country so that Amazon Chime can choose the best region to host your meeting. If you think folks will join early, you can schedule a meeting using the same meeting ID that starts 30 minutes early and just includes some attendees from different countries. See this article for more details:
  • For scheduled meetings, include the email address of attendees you want to receive the auto-call, for instance presenters, and use distribution lists for the majority of the participants who will join manually, to help avoid reaching the 300-item roster limit.
  • Each time an anonymous attendee joins, they are counted as a connection - so if they leave and return, they will be counted as two attendees. To help avoid reaching the 300-item roster limit, if there are breaks during the meeting, recommend that attendees stay connected and mute their audio instead of leaving the meeting. You may also want to recommend that users register for a free Amazon Chime account and join signed in.
  • Have someone join your meeting using the Amazon Chime web app ( and use the attendee count displayed above the roster to monitor the size of your meeting.
  • Recommend that attendees either choose to join from their computer or dial-in – but not both. Attendees that join using multiple devices, are counted as two connections.
  • Remember, dial-in attendees can use *7 to mute and unmute their audio.
  • Recommend that your attendees follow best practices when joining the meeting. This article has some useful information:
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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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