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Using Amazon Chime Event Mode to take control of your meeting


Amazon Chime’s Event Mode is a feature that organizers, their delegates, or authenticated moderators can use during a meeting to quickly minimize interruption or background noise and control who has the ability to share their screen or enable their video. Our users tell us it is perfect for their executive’s all hands calls.

NOTE as of February 20, 2020: The behavior that Event Mode has on attendees who join from in-room conference systems has been changed to provide management of the room's ability to share video and content from the device.

  • In-room conference systems are not auto-muted when Event Mode is enabled. Attendees are advised to use the mute button on the hardware or from the room console. Hosts, their delegates, moderator(s), or other presenters can use the Chime roster to mute and unmute the conference room using Chime. The device's hardware mute overrides muting from the Chime roster.
  • In-room conference systems that join AFTER a host, delegate or moderator joining when signed into Chime enables Event Mode will not have their video displayed for other meeting attendees and will not be able to share content.
    • The host can wait for “required” rooms to join (those that will be displayed in a Chime video or share content) before they enable Event Mode or, if needed, disable Event Mode and then have the room join.

Enabling Event Mode

Event Mode can be toggled on and off at any time during any meeting by the meeting organizer, their delegates, or an authenticated moderator – no need to plan ahead or schedule something special.

To turn Event Mode on choose Enable Event Mode from the More menu. On a mobile device select Enable Event Mode from the Options menu.

The following dialog opens indicating what is going to happen when Event Mode is enabled.

Once enabled:

  • Attendees who have already joined the meeting are muted and anyone who joins later is muted immediately. Each receives a notice indicating that the organizer has requested that they be muted.
  • The meeting host, their delegates, and moderators are automatically given the Presenter role.
  • Only attendees with the Presenter role may mute or unmute other attendees. (note, unmute is only allowed to be used on attendees who have dialed in or who have joined using an in-room video system.
  • Attendees who are not presenters cannot choose to enable their webcam, or share their screen.
  • Roster notifications are disabled and join and leave tones are not played.
  • An attendee who tries to perform a restricted task receives a message that the action has been disabled by the host.

Adding Presenters

Only the host, their delegates or authenticated moderators can promote an attendee to presenter. To add presenters:

  1. If you have joined your meeting early and the presenters are not yet shown on the roster, do the following for each attendee you want to be a presenter:
    1. Make sure your presenters are in your Contacts (choose the Contacts icon and search to verify or chose Invite contact and enter their email address and choose Invite).
    2. In the Meeting window, choose More, then Invite Others...
    3. Search for a user from your contacts that you want to make a presenter.
    4. Choose Invite.
  2. Choose More, then Add Presenters... On mobile devices, choose Options, then Add Presenters.
  3. Check the boxes next to the attendees to add as presenters and choose Add.

Any attendee who has been given presenter permission is notified, and identified by the Event Mode icon in the roster.

An attendee’s presenter permission can be disabled by the host, a delegate or authenticated moderator.

  1. Choose a name on the roster and then Remove from Presenters.
  2. On a mobile device, choose a name, then Remove From Presenters.

Preventing attendees from un-muting

For extra control over the audio experience, the host, their delegates, or an authenticated moderator can also choose Disable Attendee Unmute from the More menu. This prevents attendees who are not presenters from unmuting their audio.

Allow Questions

To open the meeting for Q&A, do one of the following:

  1. Choose More then Enable Attendee Unmute and your attendees can now un mute themselves, but they still will not be able to share their screen or enable video.
  2. Choose More then Disable Event Mode. Your attendees can now unmute, share their screen, and enable video. Note: if you previously chose to Disabled attendee unmute, you will need to enable it so that users will be able to unmute themselves.
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