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Amazon Chime 4.33 Release Notes

Version 4.33 - Features and Enhancements delivered in the August 4, 2020 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.33 for Windows, macOS, web, iOS, and Android are now available.

Change announcement [macOS]

As of this client release (4.33), the Amazon Chime macOS clients will be signed with a new certificate. Amazon Chime clients released prior to December, 2019 (4.28) will receive an application is no longer trusted message.

If you use the macOS client, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version by following one of the steps below:

  1. Launch the Amazon Chime client and choose Check for Updates... from the Amazon Chime menu and follow the steps to download and install the latest version.
  2. Navigate to and choose to install the macOS client. Follow the steps to install the latest version of Amazon Chime.

Meeting chat visibility [Windows, macOS, web, iOS, Android]

To ensure that meeting attendees have easy access to meeting chat and attachments, Amazon Chime now shows all chat messages posted during a meeting to all meeting attendees, even if the attendee had not yet been invited or displayed on the roster. Previously, an attendee who was late or was added to a meeting after it started would only see chat messages posted after they joined which could require multiple reposts of important content that all attendees needed.

Important Note: If back to back meetings are scheduled using the same meeting ID ...

  • attendees that join the second meeting early will be able to see comments and content posted in the meeting chat by attendees in the first meeting.
  • attendees that join after Amazon Chime starts the second meeting will see chat messages posted after the second meeting begins.
  • attendees from the first meeting who remain on the second, will continue to see all the chat messages from the first meeting as well as the second.

To avoid exposing meeting chat content to attendees joining a meeting early, organizers who have busy calendars and may have back to back meetings should always choose the Generate a new ID or Generate a new ID and require moderator to start options when scheduling meetings.

Raise Hand [Windows, macOS, web, iOS, Android]

Attendees can now use the raise hand option to get the attention of the meeting moderators or to respond to a query. Authenticated and unauthenticated users can use the web app ( and authenticated users can use the Amazon Chime Windows and macOS clients to access options available in the meeting chat pane to raise their hand, list all attendees that have raised their hand, clear the raise hand queue, or lower their own hand if they no longer have a question. Attendees joining from iOS and Android clients, or unauthenticated attendees joining from Windows or macOS clients can use the meeting bot commands by entering them into the Chat message area to perform similar actions including @meeting raiseHand, @meeting lowerHand, @meeting showQueue, and @meeting clearQueue commands.

How it works

Meeting attendees can raise their hand by choosing the Raise my hand icon under the meeting Chat or by entering @meeting raiseHand in the meeting chat text area. While their hand is raised, their raise my hand icon is highlighted. A message will be added to the meeting Chat indicating that an attendee has raised their hand and the number of attendees with raised hands will be displayed.

To view the queue of raised hands during a meeting, choose Show queue from the Raise hand queue options list or by entering @meeting showQueue in the meeting chat. A message will be added to the meeting Chat that shows the names of the attendees who have raised their hands in the order in which they were raised.

A meeting attendee can lower their hand by choosing the Raise my hand icon when it is highlighted or type @meeting lowerHand in the meeting chat. A message will be added to the meeting Chat that indicates that the attendee has lowered their hand.

To clear the queue, any attendee may choose Clear queue from the Raise hand queue options list or enter @meeting clearQueue in the meeting chat. A message will be added to the meeting Chat that shows the name of the attendee who cleared the raised hand queue.

Login with Amazon sign-in flow enhancement [Windows, macOS, web, iOS, Android]

Amazon Chime can be set up to use Login with Amazon, Active Directory, or Okta for authentication. The email address entered in the screen presented with launching the client - the email associated with the user’s work calendar - is used to determine the appropriate system to use for authentication. Amazon Chime users who use the Login with Amazon will now immediately be redirected to the Sign-in / Sign-up page and will no longer be prompted to click the Login with Amazon button. Amazon Chime users who are setup to use Active Directory or Okta will continue to sign in using the existing flow that takes them to the configured sign-in page.

iOS meeting window changes [iOS]

To improve reachability for common meeting actions when using the iOS Amazon Chime client, the controls for mute, speaker, video, chat view and leaving a meeting have been moved to the lower portion of the meeting window and the toggle between the roster, screen, and video views is now at the top portion of the window.

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