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Amazon Chime 4.31 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the May 11th, 2020 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 4.31 for Windows, macOS, web, iOS and Android is now available for all users.

Amazon Chime now offers 212 local and toll-free dial-in numbers [All]

Amazon Chime has added 54 new local and toll-free dial-in numbers, including toll-free numbers for Estonia, Hong Kong, Latvia, and Malta and a local number for Hungary. You can add any of these numbers to your meeting instructions with the Schedule meeting assistant and the Amazon Chime for Outlook add-in. For more information, see the complete list of International numbers and dial-in rates on the Amazon Chime website.

The ability to select your country is now provided when you choose Dial-in or Switch to Dial-in [iOS, Android]

Amazon Chime mobile users can now choose which country to use for their dial-in number when they dial in to join a meeting or switch to dial-in during a meeting. They can also choose whether to use a local number or a toll-free number. Their choices are remembered for future dial-in or switch to dial-in options on their device.

When Dial-in or Switch to Dial-in is selected, the user is presented with a new Dial-in dialog. Perform the following steps to choose a number for a different country and to choose between a local or toll-free number:

  1. For Dial-in country, tap the currently selected country.
  2. Select the new country from the list. Optionally, select the toll-free option for the country.
  3. For Dial-in, tap One-touch dial now and confirm that you would like to place the call. Amazon Chime dials the access number and enters the meeting ID.

One tap option to enable speaker phone when turning on video [iOS, Android]

When mobile attendees enable their video, they often want to take their mobile device away from their ear and use their speakerphone. Amazon Chime mobile clients now provide a single button to tap when the user enables video or is prompted to start their video. The Start video and use speaker option is now presented when the attendee enabled their video or when someone else in the meeting starts sharing their video.

Ability to Disable the Large Meeting Experience [Windows, macOS, web]

With the launch of Amazon Chime's Large Meeting Experience, increasing the maximum attendee count to 250, the following features were added to reduce meeting distractions. For all meetings, when the invited and present number of attendees reaches 25, these Large Meetings features are enabled:

  • new attendees are automatically muted when they join,
  • join and leave tones are no longer played,
  • roster status change notifications are suppressed, and
  • a message is displayed in the meeting chat indicating that the large meeting settings are in effect.

While this change has been well received by organizers and attendees, there still may be meeting organizers who would like to prevent these changes from automatically being enabled. The new Meeting experience option under user Settings provides a way for organizers to disable changes from being enabled for all their meetings.

Follow these steps change the Meeting experience for all the meetings you host.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Chime account.
  2. Choose Settings from the Menu item to the right of your name.
  3. In the Settings section, choose Meetings.
  4. Locate the Meeting experience section and uncheck the option to Mute new attendees, turn off join and leave tones, and suppress roster notifications. Unchecking the Meeting experience option will disable the logic for all your meetings.

Note: When the Meeting experience setting is disabled (unchecked), organizers and their delegates can still manage the meeting audio, roster notifications and join and leave tones using the Event Mode, Mute all others, and Disable attendee unmute host commands found under the More menu.

Note: The Meeting experience setting only affects the meetings that are organized by the user - not their delegates or delegators. Those organizers will need to change the setting from their Amazon Chime desktop client to disable the Large Meeting experience.

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