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Headset Call Control

The Headset Call Control feature enable users to use the buttons on their headset with Amazon Chime.

Amazon Chime provides Call Control for headsets via the standard HID (Human Interface Device) protocol for supported devices connected using USB or Bluetooth with USB dongle for call interactions including:

  • Answer / Join a call from the device.
  • Decline a call from the device.
  • End/ Leave a call.
  • Mute yourself.
  • Unmute yourself.
  • Change the audio Volume up and down

You may need to install the headset manufacture’s device management software to help manage settings and audio cues.


On a headset connected to a desktop via USB or Bluetooth with dongle, when an Amazon Chime window is active, use the following buttons on supported headsets (note some functions may not be supported on the device):

  1. Off hook button to answer incoming meeting or call.
  2. On hook button to end a call (typically the same button as off hook)
  3. Mute button - toggle mute (live/hot/open/unmuted => muted; muted => unmuted)
  4. If a headset has volume up/down button(s), they should operate correctly as they interface directly with the operating system.

Your join, decline, mute, and left status will be synced on the Amazon Chime roster and while on the Amazon Chime desktop app, the quick unmute dialog will be presented if you navigate away from the Amazon Chime app.

User Settings

A Headset Control user setting is available for macOS and Windows clients in the Audio settings tab.

  • For Windows: Choose File > Settings and navigate to the Audio tab.
  • For macOS: Choose Amazon Chime > Preferences and navigate to the Audio tab.

There are 3 choices for Headset Control:

  1. Compatibility Mode
    The auto-pilot way of using headset call control to help avoid some issues with other applications that also provide support for HID devices. Call control functions may be disabled to avoid conflicts. If you continue to experience conflicts, we recommend that you use the Always Off option.
  2. Always On
    The Amazon Chime headset call control function is always turned on for supported headsets -- Poly, Jabra, Sennheiser, and other brands with HID control capability.
  3. Always Off
    The Amazon Chime headset call control function is always turned off. However, if a user presses the mute button on a headset, the headset can still mute itself (or unmute). The headset mute status will not be reflected on the Amazon Chime roster.

Supported Clients

The Headset Call Control features are available with the Amazon Chime Windows and macOS clients.

  • The Amazon Chime iOS client supports call control via iOS CallKit. Amazon Chime integrates with CallKit, as do the headsets, so call control is available with any headset that supports CallKit.
  • The Amazon Chime Android client does not support call control at this time.
  • The Amazon Chime web application does not support call control due to some limitations of the browsers.

Supported Vendors

  • Poly (including Plantronics)
  • Jabra
  • Sennheiser

Support for other vendors is "best effort" and dependent on their compliance to the HID standards.

For the latest list of qualified devices, please see the AWS Partner Device Catalog and search for Amazon Chime:

Supported Devices

  • USB
  • DECT via USB base station
  • Bluetooth via USB dongle

Support for Bluetooth directly paired to a desktop is not available at this time.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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