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Joining a Moderated Meeting

Joining a moderated meeting from an Amazon Chime client or the web app

Attendees of a moderated meeting receive an auto-call if is invited and other attendees join by clicking on the meeting link and then choosing and testing their audio and video options or dial-in or join from an in-room video system.


As an attendee, you won't necessarily know if a meeting is Moderated. Moderated meetings require a host, their delegate, or a moderator to enter the meeting passcode to start the meeting.

  1. After clicking on the meeting link or entering the meeting ID into an Amazon Chime client, users are presented with the Device Preview to choose and test their video and audio options so they are ready to join as soon as they are Admitted
  2. If the host, a delegate, or a moderator has not already joined, a dialog will indicate that the meeting won't start until a moderator has joined and an option to enter the moderator passcode. If you are a moderator, choose Enter moderator passcode to start the meeting
  3. Once a meeting has started, anonymous attendees and those entering through the Waiting Room will be presented with a dialog letting them know that their request to join has been received.
    1. Since more than one moderator can join, we also provide the option to enter the moderator passcode. If you are a moderator, choose Enter moderator passcode and join the meeting
    2. We offer anonymous users a chance to Sign in (which can help get them into the meeting faster)
    3. When users choose dial-in for audio, a voice cue is played every 1 minute while waiting to be admitted
    4. If a user chooses the Call me option, the call from Amazon Chime is initiated after the user is Admitted into the meeting
  4. Users wait a maximum of 10 minutes in the Waiting Room
    1. When a user is Admitted, they join the meeting
    2. If a user is Denied, a dialog is presented and the attendee can choose Try again or Leave
    3. If no one has admitted a user in 10 minutes, they are presented with the Deny dialog
    4. If the meeting ends while a user is waiting, a dialog informs them that the meeting was ended

Joining a moderated meeting from an in-room video system

Joining a moderated meeting from an in-room video system (SIP or H.323 endpoints) starts the same way as joining a standard meeting. After joining from an H.323 device
( or from a SIP device ( an attendee is prompted to enter the Meeting PIN. If you join using an Alexa device or using the SIP URI
( ) you may bypass this screen.

Note: If you are the host or a delegate, you can obtain your 13-digit meeting ID from a Chime client or the web app on the Dial-in tab to start the meeting and be granted host controls.

If an attendee is joining and the meeting has not been started by another moderator, the host or their delegate, they are placed into a waiting state with no audio or video which indicates that the meeting will begin when a moderator joins.

While waiting, attendees have the option to Enter a moderator passcode. To start the meeting, enter the moderator passcode using the device's dial-pad followed by the “ #” (pound or hash sign).

Please visit Host from Dial-in or In-room Video Conference Systems below for more details on how moderators can control the meeting when joining from an in-room video system.

For security reasons, Amazon Chime will not provide a response if the moderator passcode entered is incorrect. If the correct moderator passcode is entered the meeting will start and attendees will be able to interact.

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