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How do I remove myself from a meeting series that I no longer attend and is not on my calendar?

I keep getting auto-called for the meeting.
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Remove Me from a Meeting Series

We recommend that hosts remove attendees from recurring meetings using their calendar application. However, there can be times when Amazon Chime doesn't receive an update indicating that an attendee has been removed. Therefore, Amazon Chime might continue to auto-call an attendee for meetings that are no longer displayed on their calendar. You can remove yourself as an attendee from recurring meetings by following these steps.

Meeting attendees who are getting auto-called for meetings they no longer attend may choose to remove themselves from a recurring meeting series from the Home page of their Amazon Chime Windows, macOS and web clients. The Home page displays in progress and upcoming meetings starting in the next 30 minutes. Meetings are listed with a description indicating if it is a meeting series and the organizer name that invited the attendees. Attendees are presented with the Remove me from meeting option in the event menu for recurring meetings.

When Remove me from meeting is selected and confirmed, Amazon Chime will not auto-call the attendee for upcoming or future meetings in the recurring series and the attendee's name will not appear on the meeting roster. This option should not be used if the attendee wishes to be removed from a single occurrence in the series.

Note: This option is NOT available for the meeting organizer. If you are the meeting organizer and want to delete a meeting series in Amazon Chime, please see this Q&A for instructions.

Note: If the attendee that has requested to be removed is still on the calendar invite, they may be auto-called in the future if there is an update to the event in the calendar application. To ensure the removal, please contact the meeting organizer and request to be removed from the meeting series.
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