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How can I prevent meeting attendees for my next meeting getting added to a meeting that is running long?

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Meeting attendees can be added to a second meeting (merged) when both meetings are using the same meeting ID. This often happens when back to back meetings are scheduled and the first meeting runs long and the second meeting starts.

The best way to avoid this problem is to use one-time Meeting IDs when scheduling your back to back meetings. One-time meeting IDs are special meeting IDs that organizers can generate either from within the Amazon Chime application ( Meetings > Schedule a Meeting and choose one-time meeting ID):

Or by using the Amazon Chime for Outlook Add-in (When scheduling a meeting for yourself or as a delegate choose One-time Meeting ID):

Because each meeting has a different meeting ID, Amazon Chime will start different meetings and the meeting attendees will not be merged if the previous meetings happens to run long.

One-time meeting IDs can be used for recurring meetings and since we do not limit how many one-time meeting IDs can be generated by an organizer, feel free to use them for all your meetings

Two things that are very important:
  1. When you are using one-time meeting IDs for scheduled meetings there will be an additional email address to invite to the meeting in the form of pin+< That email address tells Amazon Chime which meeting ID to use for the meeting.
  2. The one-time meeting ID MUST be generated by the owner of the calendar (or their delegate). If you try to schedule a meeting for someone else and you use a one-time meeting ID that you generated, the scheduled meeting will fail and Amazon Chime will send the organizer an email indicating that the meeting was not scheduled.

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Up to 25 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 10.0 MiB each and 96.4 MiB total.


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