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Why can't I find the user I want to set as my delegate?

Delegate setup on Windows from File > Settings > Meeting tab or Mac Amazon Chime > Preferences > Meeting tab.
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Please be sure to add the user as a Contact before trying to add them as a delegate.

Follow these steps to add a delegate:
  1. Sign in to your Amazon Chime account on Windows or Mac
  2. Add the user you want to be your delegate as a contact by choosing Contacts from the launch pad.

  3. Search your Contacts for the user and if you find them, select their name and choose Add to contacts in the right pane if it is available.
  4. If you don't find them, Select Invite contact and provide their email address. Then choose Add.

  5. If they have not yet signed up for an Amazon Chime account they will receive an invite.
  6. Navigate to the Meetings preferences:
    1. Windows: File > Settings > Meetings
    2. Mac: Amazon Chime > Preferences > Meetings
  7. In the Delegates section, find the user and choose Add
  8. Notify the user that they are now your delegate.
For more information on assigning delegates, please see Change Amazon Chime Settings in the Attendee section of the End User Training.

For more information on scheduling meetings as a delegate, please see Schedule a Meeting for Someone Else in the Schedule and Run section of the End User Training.

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