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Hosting a Meeting from a Phone or In-room Video System

Attendees joining a moderated meeting and dialing in on a phone or joining from an in-room video system using their 13 digit meeting ID (joining from the app) can now control their Chime meeting by entering the 4-8 digit meeting passcode when they join or any time during the meeting. The commands are entered using the dial pad listed below. Meeting controls available include recording, locking and unlocking the meeting, muting all other attendees, and ending the meeting for all.

If you dial in from a phone or connect to your call using an in-room conference system you can always use *7 to mute or unmute your audio.

Host_Command Description
*2 (star 2) Start and Stop Recording - meeting recording file(s) will be sent via Chime chat to the meeting host.
*4 (star 4) Lock and Unlock Meeting - when the meeting is locked, only the current attendee list and invited users may join or reconnect. No additional dial-in, in-room video system or unauthenticated attendees may join.
*97 (star 97) Mute all others - the only attendee that is not muted is the moderator that entered the command.
## (pound pound) End meeting for all - once submitted, the meeting will end for all attendees.
*0 (star 0) Show menu - when joining from an in-room video system, attendees can choose *0 (star 0) to display the available meeting commands.

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