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Amazon Chime - Tips for Chime Adoption


  • Before using Amazon Chime for external or larger meetings, try a few test calls to ensure your audio is set up properly and you are familiar with the navigation.
  • Don’t sign out of the Amazon Chime App – you can quit the app, but staying signed in will make it so you are automatically logged in when you launch Amazon Chime and get to you meetings quickly. Make sure you do sign-out for privacy when using a shared computers - please note that some of your settings will be reset when you sign out of the app.

Multiple Devices

  • Amazon Chime works best when you install it on your desktop and mobile devices. Go here to find all the clients:
  • When is invited to a meeting, all your devices that are signed into the Chime app will ring. Just answer on one device and the other(s) will stop ringing.
  • It is easy to switch devices, just locate the meeting (Desktop: in the upper left under Meetings and Calls or Mobile: in the Meetings tab) and click to answer. You will be disconnected from the meeting on your other device so you won't cause echo.
  • Amazon Chime on mobile will move from WiFi to your data network seamlessly. If the data network becomes weak, you can try switching to Dial-In (choose Leave and Switch to Dial-in). Amazon Chime will dial into the bridge and enter the Meeting PIN for you.

Joining Calls

There are a few ways that attendees can get on a Amazon Chime meeting:

  1. With the Amazon Chime App: If you have the Amazon Chime App and is invited to the meeting - Amazon Chime will popup an option to join at the meeting start time. Just select Answer, choose your audio option and you are in!
  2. Without the Amazon Chime App: If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can sign in to the Amazon Chime Web App ( and automatically get called when your meeting starts, just like with our desktop and mobile applications. If you are not signed in and want to join a meeting, click on the meeting join link in the body of your calendar invite, or go to and choose Join a meeting without an account. You will be taken to a web page that will validate the Meeting ID. Enter your name and choose Next to proceed.

    Join a meeting page

  3. Join from an in-room video system. Access the Amazon Chime bridge ( and when prompted enter the Meeting ID followed by #.

During a Call

  • Many of the call controls can be found under the More menu including Choose your headset or video camera, and Invite Others.
  • The Host has more controls than other attendees (Record Meeting, End a meeting, Event Mode, Lock a meeting).
  • The Call Controls include Leave, Mute/Unmute, enable Video, Screen Share and more can be found on the Meeting Window.
  • Users dialed in to a call can toggle between mute and unmute by pressing *7.
  • Using a headset or earbuds (microphone and speakers) can greatly reduce background noise and echo.
  • If you experience interrupted audio or your data connection is weak we will show a red mic next to your name) - don't hesitate to switch to dial-in for the audio portion of the meeting.
    • On desktop:
      • If you joined using your Mic & Speaker and are causing echo, disconnect your audio by choosing: More > Change Audio > Disable Mic and Speakers.
      • The dial in information can be found by clicking on the Meeting ID (at the top of the meeting window) and choosing Meeting Info.
    • On mobile:
      • Choose Leave and then Switch to Dial-in
      • A dialog showing the option to Switch to dial-in will be presented if Amazon Chime detects weak signal.
  • You need to have the Amazon Chime App running on Windows or Mac and be connected to a meeting in order to share your screen or participate in a remote control session.
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and join your meeting by clicking on the join link. You will get all the benefits of the meeting experience - video, screen share, chat, visual roster -without having to download an add-in or install an extension.

See for more Tips.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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