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How can I make sure my instant meeting does not end after 30 minutes?

I am using Amazon Chime screen sharing and audio capture to record some training and I am the only one on the call.

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Amazon Chime has auto-end logic to ensure meetings end even when the organizer, their delegates or a moderator is not available to end the call for all. See the complete auto-end logic details here.

In the particular case described here, there is auto-end logic that kicks in and ends an instant meeting because there has only been a single attendee on the call for 30 minutes.

If you want to use Chime features such as screen sharing and recording to create some training content, you can prevent the auto-end logic from ending your meeting after 30 minutes by scheduling the meeting with an end time that gives you plenty of time to record your training. See this article to learn how to schedule a meeting using the Chime desktop application.

The meeting will either end ...

  1. when you end the meeting for all,
  2. no one is on the bridge at the end time (we check to see if no one is on the bridge every 5 minutes), or
  3. if only one person is still on the meeting 30 minutes after the scheduled end time.

Also, for the fastest auto-start experience, you can schedule the meeting to start in the past - even 5 minutes. Chime receives the meeting request, sees the start time has already passed and, within a few minutes, will auto-call and start the meeting for you.

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