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Amazon Chime 4.12 Release Notes

Features and Enhancements delivered in the February 6, 2018 Amazon Chime release

Windows, macOS, iOS and Android have been released.

Improved iOS experience
  • Amazon Chime is now optimized for the iPhone X and users can enjoy full resolution on iPad Pro and a native UI and on-screen keyboards for iPad.
Usage and Feedback Reporting
SIP support for in-room conference systems
Bugs and Enhancements
  • You can now insert gifs from the keyboard. (Android)
  • The meeting information displayed now includes the US Toll dial-in number. (Android)
  • Improved audio quality and reduced echo. (iPad Pro 12.9-inch)
  • Cached list of chat room names no longer includes chat rooms that a user has left. (iOS)
  • Fixed an issue where unread count and recent conversations were not in sync. (Windows, iOS)
  • Fixed a bug where all chat room administrators could be removed. (Windows)
  • Ensured that meeting attendees do not get meeting message notifications when they disable "Notify for all meeting events.” (Windows)
  • Ensured that the schedule meeting assistant accessed from within the Amazon Chime client provides the option to choose delegates. (Windows)
  • Improved responsiveness for chat rooms with 400+ members. (Windows)
  • Fixed screen share issue on Surface Pro tablet when running Microsoft Windows 8.1. (Windows)
  • Added a delay to the join meeting prompt displayed after running late to give the attendee more time to respond. (Windows)
  • Changed the search display to prevent actions under the list from being initiated. (Windows)
  • Fixed occasional duplicate message display in chat. (Windows)
  • Improved the search failure error message. (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where the unread message count was not disappearing for group chat. (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where user's audio is unexpectedly getting increased. (Windows, macOS)
  • Improved logging. (Windows, macOS)
  • Addressed issue resulting in partial chat content being sent - ignore non-printable zero byte characters within chat. (macOS)
  • Allow for a user to background the Amazon Chime client while entering names in the To: field. (macOS)
  • Addressed issues experienced when laptop wakes from sleep. (macOS)
  • Disabled hover text when client is not in the foreground. (macOS)
  • Resolved an issue found when users change their email address to a different email domain.
  • Increased the number of digits in the PIN that the web screen viewer accepts to 13 digits when viewing shared screen.
  • Resolved an issue with downloading recordings which contained non-ASCII characters in the meeting name.
  • Display report data in descending order. (Admin console)
  • Addressed additional client crashes. (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows)
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