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In-Room Video Conference Room Support (native, SIP, and H.323)

Amazon Chime can integrate with your in-room video hardware when you use the SIP or H.323 protocol on devices from Cisco, Tandberg, Poly, Lifesize, Vidyo and others.

Detailed instructions for SIP and H.323 devices:

Users can join Amazon Chime meetings with video and audio from your in-room systems by providing the Amazon Chime gateway IP and then entering the meeting ID - similar to how users join when dialing into an Amazon Chime call from other clients.

  1. Turn on your Control Unit.
  2. Select Video Conference.
  3. Select Dialing.
  4. Select Keyboard (you need to use the full keyboard to get the ".")
  5. If you are using SIP you can connect directly to the meeting by entering (where 0123456789 is the meeting id) and select Call. Then skip forward to step 11.
  6. If your device does not support SIP URI dialing or you are using an H.323 device enter the following for a SIP call, or for a H.323 call.
  7. Select Call.
  8. It will take a few seconds to connect to Amazon Chime.
  9. Once connected, you will hear a greeting ("Meeting powered by Amazon Chime.").
  10. Now enter {the TEN digit Meeting ID included in meeting invite} followed by the # key
    (in the example above we used a sample Meeting ID of 0123456789).
  11. If your meeting id was valid, you will be connected to the meeting.

During the meeting you may enter *0 to see a menu with the list of commands that are supported.

  • Press *99 to report quality issues.
  • Press *7 to mute and unmute the audio (or use the system hardware mute controls)
  • Press *0 to display and hide the menu.

Amazon Chime also supports sharing content from a PC. Connect the laptop or computer and share the content. Content can be shared with units that support the H.239 protocol. You may also connect a laptop with a supported Chime desktop client and share your window or screen. Remember to join with your mic & speaker audio disabled.

Protocol and deployment considerations for SIP/H.323 devices:

Customers can connect to the Amazon Chime from their VTC in-room devices directly from public internet or via their firewalls and proxies:

Please reference for network configuration.

A subset of compatible VTC devices list (**):

Device SIP H.323 Comment
Cisco SX20 Yes Yes Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK
Cisco DX80 Yes Yes Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK
Lifesize Icon Yes No Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK
Poly Trio Yes Yes Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK
Poly Debut Yes Yes Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK
Poly RPD No* Yes Audio/Video: OK, Screen: From device is OK
Tandberg C40 Yes Yes Audio/Video/Screen: To and From OK

* does not support TLS

** Most devices that are H.323 or SIP are supported - this list is just a small subset of devices.

More about Poly SIP/H.323 Devices

Poly video endpoints now bring the Chime Meeting experience into Poly RealPresence huddle and conference rooms. When using Amazon Chime with Poly Trio, Poly Trio Collaboration Kit, RealPresence Group Series or RealPresence Debut your users gain:

  • Calendaring made easy using Outlook and Google calendar plug-in for scheduled and ad hoc meetings.
  • In-room ad-hoc click-to-join a meeting from a Poly video endpoint into a Chime Meeting.
  • A consistent in-meeting content sharing experience from desktops, mobile devices, and conference rooms.

For more information on setup and configuration see this article from Poly.

More about Lifesize SIP/H.323 Devices

Amazon Chime support is available by default for the entire Lifesize Icon series of devices (Icon 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700 and 800) for customers with the following:

  • A Lifesize cloud account
  • Exchange or Google integration setup

When a supported Lifesize room is invited to an Amazon Chime meeting and includes meeting details generated by the Chime application (which include the SIP dial URI string - e.g., attendees in the Lifesize room are presented with an option on the Lifesize Phone HD to join the meeting.

For more information on setting up calendar integration and devices please see the Lifesize Support Center.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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