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Amazon Chime adds a menu to display meeting options when joining from in-room video systems

Attendees joining Chime meetings from in-room video systems and H.323 or SIP devices, can now press *0 (star zero) on their dial pad to access a menu which displays supported meeting controls. This menu lists meeting controls and associated key combinations for muting and unmuting local audio, reporting bad media quality, and displaying or hiding the menu.

This menu replaces the text “Press *9 to report bad quality”, that was previously displayed on the screen. When attendees first join using an in-room video system, Chime displays “ *0 for menu and *99 to send feedback” to inform users of meeting options. This menu dismisses after a few seconds.

The new menu will present the following options:
Meeting Controls
*0: Show|Hide menu
*7: Mute|Unmute self
*99: Report quality issues

*0 will show the meeting controls menu. Pressing *0 again will hide the menu.
* 7 will mute and unmute the local Chime audio. Please note that most devices will also have a hardware mute feature which may override the Chime audio.
*99 will send video endpoint and corresponding meeting data to the Chime system for monitoring and quality improvements. IT Administrators can access in-room video system feedback, along with the client thumbs up and thumbs down ratings from the Amazon Chime Console. See for more details on how to view the Amazon Chime Meetings media satisfaction ratings for your Chime account.

For more information about our in-room video hardware support please see
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