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Amazon Chime 5.17 Release Notes [iOS, Android]

Version 5.17 delivered in the Feb 16, 2023 Amazon Chime release.

Amazon Chime version 5.17 is available to users via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Added option to change background blur settings

Background blur settings can now be changed from the Settings menu as a quicker option outside meetings. Previously, users were only able to set this from the options menu from within a call. To do this, navigate to Settings > Background blur and change your settings:


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Fixed display of loading screens for various app transitions. [iOS]
  • Fixed an issue where the meeting ID would not be copied to the clipboard when sharing meeting bridge info. [iOS]
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth audio device selection. [iOS]
  • Fixed an issue with screenshare notifications displaying multiple times in recorded meetings. [iOS]
  • Made a change to support Mono48k (48KHz sampling) audio mode as the default audio mode. Note: This change will be rolled out incrementally, so users may not experience this change immediately on updating. [Android]
  • Fixed crashes. [Android]
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