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Scheduling Amazon Chime Meetings with Outlook on Windows

Note: This article is for the Amazon Chime Add-In for Outlook on Windows. Amazon Chime also offers the Amazon Chime Add-In for Outlook, which works across platforms and supports Office 365. More information on selecting the best add-in for you can be found in our guide to Choosing the Right Outlook Add-In.

This article walks you through creating Amazon Chime meetings with Outlook on Windows. If you schedule meetings for someone else, please see Scheduling a Meeting for Someone Else with the Amazon Chime Outlook Add-in on Windows.

There are two ways to schedule meetings - from the Amazon Chime app or from the Outlook calendar itself.

If this is your first time scheduling, follow the steps in this article to install the Amazon Chime add in for Outlook on Windows. Then skip to Schedule a Meeting from Outlook below.

Schedule a Meeting from Outlook

  1. Make sure the Amazon Chime for Outlook Add-In on Windows is installed and enabled. You may also need to Sign in. You will either be prompted during install or you can select Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting from the Outlook Calendar Ribbon and choose Sign In.
  2. To include dial-ins, select Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting from the Outlook Calendar Ribbon (not an individual event or meeting window) and choose International Dial-ins.
  3. Open a meeting date and time by double-clicking on the Outlook Calendar, or open an existing meeting (We don't recommend using the File > New > Appointment or Meeting to open an invite window).
  4. From the invite ribbon, choose Schedule Amazon Chime Meeting.

  5. You will be prompted to create a meeting for a user listed - yourself or an Amazon Chime user who made you their delegate. Choose a user and then click OK.
  6. The Amazon Chime Add-In for Outlook on Windows prompts you to select the Meeting ID type and security settings.
    Scheduling a meeting options presented
    1. Select the meeting ID to use: It is recommended that you choose one of the Generate a new ID options. This helps avoid issues when you are scheduling back to back meetings, overlapping, or a highly confidential meeting, choose the Generate a new ID or Generate a new ID and require moderator to start. (visit Creating a Moderated Meeting for more details regarding the scheduling options). A Personal Meeting ID was assigned when you created your account. You can use it for internal or team meetings. Amazon Chime generates a special 10 digit PIN that you can use for a single meeting event or for a recurring series. Then choose Schedule.
    2. Security: Choose which attendees can skip the Waiting Room. Attendees who are signed in and are part of your company and those that are Invited using the Amazon Chime auto-call always join directly.
    3. Include dial-in numbers in invitation: Indicate of you want the dial-in numbers you selected to be included in the invite.
  7. The meeting is populated with the special attendees that enable AutoCall ( and, if you selected One-time Meeting ID, the optional email addresses). Your meeting instructions are also included in the description. Make sure the and pin+ user are in the Required portion of your Outlook invite.
  8. Enter the date, time, attendees, and recurrence as you normally would and then send the invite. Make sure you send to all attendees – including those inside and outside your organization. Amazon Chime receives the meeting name, date, time, and attendee details. The meeting will automatically start for registered attendees at the scheduled time.
  9. Your meeting has been scheduled. If you need to make any adjustments, just open the meeting and make your changes to time, attendees, etc. Make sure when you save the event that you choose Send updates to All (not just the new or affected attendees). Again, this is how Amazon Chime knows when your meeting starts and who to AutoCall.
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