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Does Amazon Chime support emojis?

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Yes! Amazon Chime 5 and higher supports both emoticons, emojis, and animated gifs in 1:1 and group conversations, chat rooms, and during meetings.

Amazon Chime provides an emoji picker with Unicode emoji on Windows, macOS, and the web app and supports larger display when three or fewer emojis are used, conversion of shorthand emojis [like :) :P etc], skin tone variation, and support for emoji suggestions.


All Amazon Chime clients will auto-complete most face emoticons.

  • 8) results in a smiley face with sunglasses

Amazon Chime supports common emoji codes that follow the format :word: (colon word colon)

  • :fire: turns into a flame emoji
  • :sunny: turns into a sun emoji

To prevent auto-complete, add “/code” to the beginning of the text entry.

  • /code 8) does not result in a face with sunglasses.

/code also changes the text to a monospaced font and does not auto-complete URLS.

Example chat with emoji and code


You can modify how Amazon Chime uses markdown and how to parse chat to show emoji codes.

  1. Open the User menu (click on your name in the upper Left) and choose Settings
  2. Select Chat
  3. Choose the setting that works best with your chat use
    Chat settings using markdown and whether to convert emoji shortcut to emoji


A good source of common emojis is available here:

The Amazon Chime web app provides extended support for emojis and animated .gif files. Visit the documentation for more details about the web application.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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