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Reducing Invalid PIN errors when joining Amazon Chime calls

There have been reports - with some confirmation on the Internet - that some mobile device settings may cause challenges for systems that use DTMF tones, including Chime and others, correctly receiving tones entered from the device.

If you are joining Amazon Chime calls from your mobile device and are receiving an Invalid PIN message, even when the meeting ID entered is correctly displayed on your device, you may want to consider joining meetings from a land line or changing one or more of the following settings.


Due to carrier and OS version differences, these settings may not be available or found in other locations. The best option may be to contact your carrier.
  • Change your Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE from Voice and Data to Data
  • Change your Cellular > WiFi Calling from On to Off


Because there are so many hardware providers, OS versions and carrier options, this list contains more general recommendations. The best option may be to contact your carrier.
  • Change DTMF Tones from Short to Long
  • Change your sound settings to enable Dial pad tones
  • Uncheck Enhanced 4G LTE Mode
  • Disable WiFi Calling
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