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Clearing Electron data when using the macOS Amazon Chime client

  1. Quit Amazon Chime
    Quit Amazon Chime to allow cache files to be deleted.
    Quit the Amazon Chime app
  2. Go to Folder
    Open Finder, Click Go to Folder under Go menu.

  3. Go to Amazon Chime cache folder
    Copy ~/Library/Application Support/Amazon Chime to the pop up window, then press Enter.
    navigate to the Amazon Chime cache folder
  4. Delete cache files
    Select and move all files and folders to the Trach.
    Warning: This will reset all your Settings for your Amazon Chime client back to the defaults, and force you log out from Amazon Chime on this machine.
    Select and delete all the files and folders - move to the trash
  5. Re-open Amazon Chime
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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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