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Best Practices for audio related challenges

Below is a quick list of best practices for Microphone and Speaker related challenges.

  1. Amazon Chime requires a Microphone and Speaker to connect - even if you are dialing in for audio

  2. If you are in a meeting and cannot get your audio working, dial-in to your meeting by choosing the Phone tab in the device preview or Switch to Dial-in from the audio menu in the lower call control during your meeting.

  3. If you can, choose a different device and then try your preferred device again

  4. Unplug the USB device or dongle and plug it back in

  5. Make sure your USB device or dongle is plugged into the laptop and not a display or an under powered hub

  6. Make sure your Bluetooth headset is charged and not connected to other devices

  7. Headsets should not be set to Headphone and should not be in stereo mode

  8. Make sure the Windows (Recording sound controls) or macOS (Audio MIDI) microphone is not muted

  9. Restart Amazon Chime and rejoin the meeting (if you are signed in, it will be listed on the upper left portion of the main Amazon Chime window under Meetings and calls)

  10. If you are using Windows, there are Speaker, Microphone, and Bluetooth troubleshooters linked into the Amazon Chime device preview and the audio menu (accessed from the lower call controls during a meeting).

  11. Ensure that Amazon Chime has permission to use your device
    1. Windows check in Privacy settings
    2. macOS navigate to System Preference > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab

  12. Make sure your device drivers are updated - you may need to visit your manufacturer website or update using the application that the vendor provides

  13. Reboot your machine after updating drivers or system updates.

  14. Make sure no other applications are actively using your device. Sometimes a system reboot can be helpful as it often can release other apps that may be using your audio device

  15. Try turning off Amazon Chime Headset call control
    1. Windows: File > Settings > Audio and video > Headset call control device interactions > uncheck Answer and leave meetings and calls
    2. macOS: Amazon Chime > Preferences > Audio and video > Headset call control device interactions > uncheck Answer and leave meetings and calls
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