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Is user presence (available, busy, mobile, locked) related to chat room Present or Not Present?

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While these sound similar, they are not directly related.

User availability or Presence

A user's presence is their availability on their Amazon Chime client.

For the user, their presence status is displayed in the upper left hand of the desktop client or on the top of the Messages tab on mobile.

Other authenticated Amazon Chime users can see another user's presence displayed next to their name under Favorites or Recent Messages, in the contacts drop down and in contact picker dialogs.

Chat Room status Present or Not Present

A chat room member is either Present (the chat room is opened on a device) or Not Present (the chat room is either not opened or the user is offline).

Users typically close a Chat Room when they want to limit everyday posts but not Leave the room because they want to be notified if they are needed or to be able to go back and review the activity when they decide - vs seeing all the activity.

Present and Not Present status is displayed on the right portion of a chat room - called the room roster on desktop devices. On mobile devices, the Present and Not Present status is available by accessing the Member option.

Chat rooms that are open or closed, the order that they are displayed and the notifications settings are synchronized across all your devices. If you have chat rooms opened on your desktop and arranged in a certain way, we will also show them as opened on your mobile device and ordered the same.

You can choose to “hide” an open room. On a desktop device hover over a chat room name and choose the (x) to hide the room. On iOS swipe left to reveal the Hide option; on Android use long press and then select Hide.

Notification levels can be set from the Windows, macOS, iOS and Android app.

To open a chat room that you’ve been invited to join, select Open and choose the chat room from the list. Once opened, you will be listed as Present and when you return to your desktop device, the chat room will be opened there too!
If you are a member of a chat room and you do not have the chat room opened, you will be listed under Not Present.

If a member of that closed chat room @ mentions you or @all and you are online, Amazon Chime will open the chat room for you and display unread count and other notifications to help call your attention to the discussion.
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