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Amazon Chime Pricing Changes

On April 1, 2018, our new usage-based pricing was applied to all Amazon Chime Team and Enterprise accounts. Instead of paying a monthly fee for each user, you now only pay for what you use. New and current customers, automatically receive this new pricing model - there is nothing that you need to do. See for more details.

We’ve made the following changes to support our new usage-based pricing model:

Basic, Plus and Pro license tiers are now Basic and Pro permissions
We now support two permissions, Basic and Pro. The features that were previously limited for Plus users (1:1 calling with screen share and remote desktop control) are now included for users with Basic permissions - our new free tier. When assigning permissions, the two available options are Basic and Pro.

This also applies when assigning permissions to users in Team or EnterpriseLWA accounts, or when creating directory groups
in an EnterpriseDirectory account.

Migration from license tiers to Basic and Pro permissions
On April 1, 2018, users who previously had the Plus license assigned to them were migrated to Basic permissions, which restricts their access to Pro features. Users with Basic permissions can attend meetings, start 1:1 calls with video, screen share and remote control, and use chat and chat room features at no charge ($0).

Users who were receiving ProTrial access and were members of an Amazon Chime Team or Enterprise account were migrated to Pro permissions to ensure that any meetings they might have scheduled would be started.

The default permission for new users is Pro
By default, users in Team or Enterprise accounts are assigned Pro permissions. Basic permissions can be assigned using the Amazon Chime console. If you set up an EnterpriseDirectory account, you can assign Pro and Basic permissions using Directory groups to assign permissions directly.

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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


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