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Dialing into an Amazon Chime meeting using an International number

If you are NOT dialing into an Amazon Chime meeting from the US, the steps below can be used to get the information needed to join the call without having to find the dial in number and meeting ID.

  1. Open your meeting invite (e.g. from the mobile calendar or an email)
  2. Click on the meeting "join" link (it looks something like Your device should launch a mobile browser.
    1. If prompted to launch the Amazon Chime app choose Cancel
  3. Enter your name when prompted and tap Next.
  4. Click on the country name drop down list in the Dial-in now section.
  5. Choose your country from the drop down and click Done.
  6. Tap .
  7. You will be presented with the phone number and the option to Call. Note the meeting ID is included in the dial string as well as a #. Tap Call to dial in to your meeting.

Please Note:

  • There are no dial-in fees charged to the host while the host is participating in the 30 day free trial during which there is a limited set of dial-in numbers provided (see Dial-in Numbers supported during the Amazon Chime Pro Trial).
  • Hosts (meeting organizers with Pro permissions), have access to all of the International dial-in numbers currently available which includes both local and toll free numbers. Per minute per attendee dial-in fees will be charged to the host's Amazon Chime account. Please see (subject to change) for the complete list of countries and the current dial-in rates.
  • The Amazon Chime meeting attendee is responsible for any access or usage fees associated with their provider when dialing into a meeting.
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