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Overview of the Amazon Chime End User Training

We have created a series of video walk throughs to provide guidance and information needed to complete important Amazon Chime tasks.

Please click on the links to access a single video or go to to access the entire course.

  • Use the Menu drop down to navigate directly to a title that you would like to play.
  • Once at the main menu choose a track if you would like a more complete walk through.
    • Attendee covers tasks to join, navigate and utilize the Amazon Chime meeting features.
    • Host covers scheduling, joining, recording and best practices for reducing noise during your meetings.
    • Chat covers the navigation and features of Amazon Chime 1 on 1, Group Chat and Chat Rooms.

The table below provides a link to each video segment, it's length and the associated End User Training section (which targets each user persona).

Title Length (minutes) Section(s)
Install Amazon Chime and Create an Account
Join a Meeting with Amazon Chime
1:58 Attendee, Host
Join a Meeting without Amazon Chime
1:40 Attendee, Host
Join with In-Room Video
1:29 Attendee, Host
Navigate the Meeting
4:30 Attendee, Host
Screen Share & Remote Control
2:09 Attendee
Conduct Video Meetings
1:43 Attendee
Switch Between Desktop & Mobile
1:38 Attendee
Rejoin a Meeting
1:10 Attendee
Join a Meeting Early
0:53 Attendee
Chat Overview
5:44 Chat
Chat Rooms
3:23 Chat
Schedule a Meeting for Someone Else with Outlook on Windows
4:51 Host
Record Meetings
1:42 Host
Using Event Mode
1:57 Host
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View the Amazon Chime User, Administration Guide and API Reference on the AWS Documentation site.


Find more information about the Amazon Chime solution, pricing, customer references, getting started, and other resources.



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